Northern Lights & Aurora Village, Ivalo, Finland

Aurora Village Finland

Northern Lights  – If your dream adventure includes below-zero temperatures, snowy white scenery and a wooden cabin with beautiful ceiling windows for nightly stargazing or northern light spotting, we highly recommend Aurora Village!

Featuring only ten cabins, Aurora Village is one of the newest luxury experiences in the Finnish Lapland, in a town called Ivalo (airport code IVL).

Located only about 13km from the airport (taxi cost about 30-40Eur each way) and 1,5km from Ivalo town, Aurora Village is close enough to make it convenient. Still, it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere in the Finnish Lapland wilderness.

Aurora village Finland
Aurora village Finland

Aurora Village Cabins

These accommodation cabins are beautiful and sit a reasonable distance from each other, offering plenty of privacy. The view from the ceiling windows is amazing! The windows are heated, so even if it snows, the outlook remains clear. The stunning ceiling windows are a real highlight of the cabins – but everything else is very well presented. The bed is comfortable and positioned right under the windows. There is a fridge to stock your snacks, a Nespresso machine and a walk-in shower (a wet room) with complimentary toiletries. It may be hard to leave the cabin as all you want to do is lie on the bed and stargaze through the ceiling windows, but there is much to do in the area.

Northern Lights Aurora Village Cabins

The northern lights with an expert guide

You can go on a husky or snowmobile safari, ice fishing or hunt the northern lights with an expert guide. Aurora Village has sledges and sliders for children, and they also have snow shoes at the cabins, which are all complimentary. The activities are not included in the price but are reasonably priced using their guides or reputable local companies.

Aurora Village
Aurora Village

Aurora Village: The main cabin

Six friendly raindeers live close by; guests can feed them every morning at 10 am after breakfast. The newly built main building is a beautiful high-ceiling log cabin with an enormous fireplace in the centre – and there is always tea, coffee and biscuits available (complimentary). The main house is a lovely centre point where guests can talk about their activities and exchange experiences over a hot cup of coffee or tea. Naturally, one of the main activities is spotting the northern lights. It can never be guaranteed, but it is widespread to see them in winter.

Although you can go on a northern lights’ hunting’ safari, you can also see them at Aurora Village when the sky is clear (there is an app that the guides use so they know when it’s the maximum chance of spotting them). The guides happily let guests know if there is a sighting, so they can get their cameras ready. Aurora Village closes for summer, but winter is already available to book.

Northern Lights

Interesting facts about Ivalo Finland

Ivalo is located in the northernmost part of Finland, within the Arctic Circle. Due to its location, Ivalo experiences the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun, where the sun remains visible above the horizon for 24 hours during the summer months.

Ivalo is home to the Sami people, an indigenous group with a unique culture and history. Visitors to Ivalo can experience Sami culture through traditional music, dance, and handicrafts.

The area around Ivalo is known for its large expanses of wilderness and pristine natural beauty, making it an ideal location for outdoor activities and adventure tourism. Ivalo is a popular destination for winter sports, such as cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. It is also an excellent spot for viewing the Northern Lights.

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