CHECK YOUR SAFE BEFORE YOU PAY ONLINE is an independent online holiday comparison site. We search thousands of holiday deals for you through our network of trusted partners, who are all well-known UK tour operators. We only work with the best and most reliable tour operators who are ABTA / ATOL or IATA bonded so your holiday will be fully protected. does not take payments from you. Your contract is with our partner tour operator who provides the service that you have purchased (holiday, accommodation only, flight only, etc.). The tour operator will take the payment from your payment card, and therefore you will have to contact them if you have any questions about your payment. All our partners provide secure online payment options – so guarantees that your booking experience through us is safe and secure.

Are you worried about paying online?

When shopping online, it is important to know that your money is safe. Look for signs that the tour operator is legitimate (ABTA / ATOL or IATA bonded). We only work with reputable companies. It is good to do your own research on the company you are planning to purchase a holiday from. Find out what other customers say; read reviews and customer feedback which can help you determine a company’s legitimacy. This exercise will also help you to find out if the tour operator provides great service and value for money.

Before inputting your credit card details, make sure you are on a secure server. This is fairly easily inspected – and unprofessional-looking websites should simply be avoided. Most banks also offer real-time online payment verification services where you have to add some personal data before the payment is processed.

Check out the image below we can show you how to check…

Payment, Search4sun

When shopping online, use a filter that warns you of suspicious websites. Browser filters warn you about reported phishing sites and block you from visiting them. Try, for example, the Smart Screen Filter in Internet Explorer 8 and the Phishing Filter in Internet Explorer.

Finally, keep your Internet browser updated. Internet Explorer 7 and 8 provide another layer of protection with websites that use Extended Validation (EV) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. The address bar turns green and has both HTTPS and a closed padlock. An EV SSL certificate not only helps ensure that communication with a website is secure, but it also includes information about the legitimacy of the website, which has been confirmed by the Certification Authority (CA) issuing the SSL Certificate.