At the South-Eastern part of Europe lays the beautiful country of Bulgaria. It is a charming place that magically combines exotic charms, dramatic attractions and century-old traditions. It is hard not to fall in love in a place like Bulgaria. It has a very interesting mix of Asian and European cultures. Even modernisation did not take away this country’s inherent charm. You will be in complete awe of the country’s dramatic mountain ranges and majestic architectural structures. It is a good option for a cheap holiday destination in the Southern European area.

 Bulgaria: A Cheap Holiday Destination

Getting There. If you want to spend your holidays to Bulgaria, you can get there by train, by bus, by boat, or by plane. It is common for tourists to arrive in the country through either one of Sofia’s international airport terminals. Budget airlines are available for a low-cost travel in this cheap holiday destination. The international train system is quite efficient as well, and it has borders to five different countries. Once you are inside the country, getting around is very easy. Busses are the most convenient options but cars and taxis are available too.

Things to do. If you plan to spend your holidays to Bulgaria, then you will not run out of things to do! Those who are interested in culture or architecture will have a particularly exciting time in the city proper. Bulgaria is also known for its mountains and coastal areas, and there is a strong promotion of camping tourism and the coastal spa industry.

The mountain range of Bulgaria attracts camping enthusiasts from all over the world. The camp sites are mostly located along the Black Sea Coast, but there are also camp sites in the country’s interior. For those who are interested in wellness, the spas of Bulgaria are famous because there are nitrogen thermal waters which promote physical healing. There are only a few countries around the world, which can rival the richness of Bulgaria’s natural resources. With all the various things you can do in this beautiful country, you will surely enjoy spending your holidays to Bulgaria.

Regardless of the time or season of your visit, you will not run out of things to do. However, it is best visit Bulgaria in the summertime so that you can enjoy the beautiful coastal area.

Cheap Holiday Destination. Compared to other European countries, Bulgaria is more affordable and pocket-friendly. Though it is not as famous as other European countries, Bulgaria will still allow you to have a complete cultural experience. The people of Bulgaria are nice and friendly, and most of them will give you a hospitable treatment.  Truly, Bulgaria is a beautiful country that no travel-enthusiast should ever miss out on this cheap holiday destination.