Are you planning a holiday trip? That is not a problem! There are a lot of places to visit and enjoy. Plan a trip that can even last or a month so you can take pleasure in the fairest season of this part of the world.

Top 5 UK Seaside Resorts

As you think of Holidays in the UK, one can always think about the seaside resorts that the country offers that not only gives you enjoyment, it also shows the impressive history of the place and the people that has occupied the placed. Here are the top 5 resorts that you can include when visiting the country:

5. Black pool

Blackpool is famous for its icy waters. Tourist flocks their shores to bask under the heat of the sun while frequently dipping on their icy water. This is paradise to those who are economically deprived. A place where you can cheaply bring your children and have fun as money will not be an issue.

Another great place to visit is the Pleasure beach; it is the most visited amusement park.

4. Brighton

As this is close to the center of London, Brighton is very popular for city residents. This is perfect for unplanned seaside daytrip as it is very near. The 2 famous attractions are the West and the Brighton Piers. They are the best modern icons in this place. This place is also known as the coolest and the scandalous seaside resort as they have the largest gay and lesbian population.

Brighton is not only about scandal, it also has the best museums in UK, an example is the Royal Pavillion. It has the famous artwork borrowed from The Queen.

3. Cromer

This is where you can find gorgeous sandy beaches, stony sea walls, rock pools, zigzag trail and the spire of St. Peter and Paul. This is the tallest church tower in Norfolk which extends to 160 meters. You are not only here for fun but feel the grandeur of Catholicism. Another great attraction for this place is the Pavilion Theater that has been created 100 years ago and still has shows all year round.

2. Dorset

Not only is this place famous for the sailing venue for the Olympics and the world’s first dinosaur skeleton, it also takes pride of soft, golden sand and finest beaches. They also have shops where customer service is exceptional which has been attracting loyal customers recently.

 1. St. Ives

St. Ives is one of the best beaches among the other European countries. They have the cleanest beaches and trained lifeguards that keep watch all throughout the summer. The other great thing about this place is they have average temperature and fairly warm winter as they are close to the western tip of Cornwall. This makes seaside holidays well spent.

With more choices than ever before, it always comes up to where you can deeply take pleasure in but economically affordable. Choose from these different resorts, either way, fun is free. Only you can define what fun means. So take your pick!

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