There seems to be some sort of festivals and holidays happening somewhere in Portugal every month. Portugal’s rich heritage, strong Catholicism, local pagan customs, and various religious convictions lead to their firm belief and rich culture of superstitions, offerings, cults, miracles, and saints. It is the home to many cultural traditions and events. Attending these traditional festivals and holidays to Portugal is a great opportunity for tourists and explorers to know more of Portuguese culture and its people’s way of living.

Festivals and Fiestas you must see on your Holiday to Portugal

Because of these holidays, traditional pilgrimages, and fiestas, there are lots of group buying sites and online travel agencies that offer a wide range of package deals to Portugal. Before visiting Portugal, it is important to research when and where these local festivals and events will take place. Being able to attend one or more fiesta is a great way to discover more and get the real feel of the festivity.

Before you plan for spending your last minute holidays to Portugal, here are few of their most celebrated festivals.

  • Carnival – the whole country is celebrating this event that happens three days before Ash Wednesday. The celebration includes dancing, parties, and eating. It has older traditions of spring-time fertility rites.
  • Domingo de Ramos – another festivity that is celebrated all throughout Portugal that takes place on the Sunday before Easter Sunday.
  • Fiestas de Vindimias – also known as the traditional harvest festival held early in September. It marks the wine harvest in the region of Palmela that promotes their magnificent wines.
  • Fiesta do Sao Pedro – is a fair that happens twice a month on the second and fourth of Sunday in Porto. This is where local crafters sell their products and antique items.
  • Fiesta de Chouricas (Smoked Pork Sausages Festival) – is a celebration that honors St. Luis, the patron saint of animals. The event includes procession and “chourica” tasting.
  • Festival do Marisco – is all about seafood that takes place in the second week of August. Lots of fish, oysters and mussels star this festival. There are also live musical performances.
  • Grape Harvest festival – occurs every October in northern Portugal. This is a major event in the country that includes traditional meals filled with grapes, music, and performances.

Holidays to Portugal 

Aside from the traditional festivals, there are also modern fiestas and events that are observed in the country which exhibits art and films that unfold their modern culture. These events show how Portuguese appreciates their rich history and culture. Village festivals, local saint’s day, harvest, or traditional performances – all these and more can give tourists unique and fun-filled holidays to Portugal. They can get to see and experience tourist bazaars, agricultural shows, processions, and folk festival that most towns offer. Plan your trip now for a more convenient and remarkable vacation or holiday and to grab your chance to immerse in their rich history and culture.

Avail the package deals to Portugal that will best suit you and your family and be prepared for a Portuguese celebration like no other!