5 things you need to know Booking a last minute holiday

With the increasing demands of work, family and other life commitments, more and more holiday makers are starting to plan for their holiday just a few weeks to departure. This, sometimes, happens because some people choose to avoid the traditional early booking rush. What is really surprising is how late some people let it go. While this is usually not the best way to secure cheap holiday deals, we have to deal with it because it’s happening.

5 things you need to know when booking a last minute holiday

So what are some of the most important things you need to know when booking a last minute holiday?

  • You need to be very flexible

Your likelihood of snatching a cheap holiday deal will very much depend on how flexible you are in terms of the destination, date, time and day of departure. For instance, it’s obvious that demand will not be as high during the weekdays as is the case during weekends. Again, popular destinations with fairly low capacity may not be the best choice for a last minute holiday.

  • Know the weather at the preferred destination

Before you rush to make that tempting last minute holiday deal, consider the weather at the preferred destination if your holiday is meant to be more of an outdoor adventure.  If the weather in the chosen destination is either too hot or too cold, you may not enjoy yourself as much.  At the end of the holiday, you may have a feeling that you wasted your money. It may also help you to know the cost of living in your holiday destination.

  •  Know what’s included in the price

What appears to be the best deal might not actual be the best. Scrutinise your deal to know if it’s actually what it’s portrayed to be. You need to take your time to compare the prices of a number of last minute package holidays with flights and booking accommodation separately. Also compare different places to stay like villas, apartments, hotels, etc. to enhance your chances of getting a bargain. You can use price comparison sites to make the exercise easier. However, comparing offers is of no use if you don’t know what’s included in each of the package holidays.  There are elements that were once included in standard package holidays that are now treated as extras. An all inclusive holiday may be ideal for last minute holidays especially for families.

  •  Never overlook extras

Consider extras properly before you do your booking. Your great last minute holiday deal may be ruined erased by hidden extras like care hire, airport parking, travel insurance, travel agents, etc. Shop around for extras online and know exactly what to expect. Remember that places like India, Egypt and Turkey will involve hidden extras like costs of visas.

  •  Consider destinations with the most capacity

When booking late, destinations with the most capacity will always give you cheap holiday deals. Possible destinations to consider include Spain and France. Spain has the highest number of holiday destinations, range of accommodation possibilities and flights. France is advantageous because it’s drivable and has a very reasonable ferry fare.

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