A significant aspect of using a credit card for larger-sized purchases like last-minute holidays is the ability to spread the cost. Hence, it isn’t necessary to pay the total amount at once.

A family holiday will likely cost hundreds to thousands of pounds, which will help avoid paying a single lump sum for the holidays. Using credit cards will offer a wide range of positive and negative aspects.

Here are some of the key points to consider when it comes to booking expensive to cheap holidays:


There are several advantages of using a credit card for booking the holidays, including:

The ability to quickly spread the cost of the holiday is a beautiful feature of using a credit card. Instead of completely depleting the finances by covering the price for the break outright, you can spread the cost over months or more. This option makes it a lot more cost-effective for many planning the holidays.

A certain level of protection is provided on purchases made with a credit card. Suppose you are unfortunate to experience an issue with the booked holiday and need to claim or recover the payment completed. In that case, you will undoubtedly find that a credit card company can assist in these circumstances. A common issue is likely related to the holiday companies that go bust after the break has been booked and paid for. Purchases on a credit card are likely to be covered up to £30,000.

A further quality of using the cards for last-minute holidays is the ability to benefit from various rewards and cash-back options offered by multiple companies.


In addition to the wide-ranging positives, you are likely to notice a range of negative aspects:

A noticeable aspect of using the credit card and spreading the cost is that you will likely find a certain level of interest to pay back over the period to clear the debt. Suppose the total expense for a holiday isn’t paid off in the first period of receiving the statement. In that case, the interest charges will be included in any future monthly repayments. Also, you might have to consider that some companies make charges for processing the payment.