Sun In The Fun In The School Holidays

With the school holidays just around the corner, your mums and dads must be racking your brains on what to do with the little mites. Well, how about considering a little fun in the sun? Start planning that all-important break for you and the kids during the school holidays. Also, with the school holidays being a prevalent time of year to holiday, it may be wise to book as early as possible.

We want to be able to put a smile on mum and dad’s faces as well as the kid’s. We will try our best to find that perfect holiday for you and your family as quickly as possible. There are so many fabulous destinations to choose from, and the prices are surprisingly affordable too.

Booking for the School holidays

If you are looking for a particular holiday destination and your mind is firmly set, we strongly advise booking as early in the year as possible. We understand how precious family holidays are to you all, so not only do we provide great deals but fabulous memories for you to take away as well. Look out for free child places when booking your holiday – Some hotels offer free child places for children up to the age of 16; this will allow you to cut the cost of your holiday even further.

Sometimes booking holidays, especially a family holiday, can be pretty stressful, making sure that you find something for everyone Something else to look for when booking a family holiday – Check for kids club resorts; these offer some great entertainment for the kids daily.

With staff members keeping your children entertained throughout the day and most of the night, mums and dads will have some time to relax. Check for water parks and water sports; the older children are sure to enjoy these. Above all, holiday destinations with kids club resorts will have your children immediately feeling like part of the kids club family. What more could you possibly want? A family holiday is all about you all having a wonderful time.

We understand that many children’s school holidays may vary for different parts of the country at other times of the year. This is why we try to keep the costs of our holidays as affordable and competitive as possible throughout the year. Book your family holiday today and reap the rewards; what bigger reward could be than seeing your family having fun in the sun?

We work with all major tour operators, including Olympic Holidays, On the Beach,

Popular Holiday Destinations for School Holidays

  1. Disney World, Florida, USA
  2. Universal Studios, California, USA
  3. Cancun, Mexico
  4. Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, Bahamas, and Barbados
  5. Hawaii, USA
  6. Europe, particularly countries like France, Spain, and Italy
  7. Australia
  8. Canada
  9. South Africa
  10. Costa Rica

School Term Dates

Are you eager to plan for the upcoming school year? Before you start making your calendar, make sure to double-check the start dates with your local schools. Don’t miss out on important dates; stay ahead by confirming with your local schools today! Every school and country have different term dates, so it’s essential to have the most accurate information to help you plan perfectly.

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Sun In The Fun In The School Holidays

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