If you are experiencing a balmy summer evening you might well find that you can be pestered by a wide range of insects, such as the flying ants and mosquitoes. If you are unfortunate to be a victim of the mosquito bites you will certainly find that there are many options available for helping to sooth the itching. Here are some of the common treatment options for the mosquito bite:

How to deal with sunburn & mosquito bites

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a highly versatile option for treating the mosquito bite. Its multiple uses include the ability to help with relieving pain, swelling, and itching. It is also reported to offer many antibacterial and antiviral properties, which is able to go a long way to stop the infection from travelling from the area of the bite. An alternative option for those that are sensitive to this oil includes using lavender oil. Tea tree oil is a very simple to use. All that is necessary is to use cotton wool to dab the oil onto the area of the skin that is inflamed and itching, this should help with preventing further infection.

Aloe Vera. A further common option that is found to be highly effective for treating a wide range of conditions is Aloe Vera. Beyond its ability to be highly effective in relation to sunburn, it is also known to offer relief in the event of experiencing the mosquito bites. Its high quality soothing properties are highly effective at reducing the effects of the itching and swelling.

A further common issue that is likely to be experienced by those that spend the day out in the midday sun is the potential of sunburn. Sunburn is likely to impact in a wide range of different ways, from pain and peeling skin to in the long-term damage that is caused.

Act Quickly. If you do find that you are starting to notice the first signs of sunburn, like the tell-tale tingling of the area of the skin that is starting to redden then you will want to take the necessary action that can help with relieving any future pain or long-term effects.

Moisturise. A first step that should be taken is to moisturise the body. After taking a cool bath or shower, you can use a high-quality lotion or cream to help with soothing the skin. You might want to repeat this process several times over the next few days in order to help limit the noticeable flaking and peeling of the skin. Also, you might want to look at the vitamin supplements that contain vitamin C and E which are often known to be beneficial for the condition of the skin. A further option is to look at using hydro-cortisone cream in the first couple days of experiencing the sunburn to help with limiting any of the discomfort that is noticed.