Free Things To Do in Miami

Are you thinking about a holiday to the beach in haven, Miami? This tropical city has an outstanding balance of daytime fun and nightlife. While many restaurants and activities can be expensive, Miami offers many free things. They are making it a popular holiday location for people with all budgets.

Picnic at North Shore Open Space Park

The first free activity occurs at a peaceful, less crowded beach, North Shore. Along the side of the white sand, you will find a lovely open grassy area known as North Shore Open Space Park. Instead of ordering an expensive dish and sitting in a busy restaurant. Go to a local supermarket to make a picnic, then head to one of the best views in Miami.

Wynwood Art Walk

If you find yourself in Miami on the second Saturday of the month, check out Wynwood Art Walk. It’s a festival of expression in one of the trendiest districts of Miami. As well as music from talented DJs, you can expect art murals, quirky street vendors and delicious food trucks. For a local taste of Miami, this is the place to be.

Have a beach day

The most obvious and traditional free activity in Miami is to head to the beach. Relax with a day of sunbathing, playing games in the sand and swimming in the warm Atlantic Ocean. Great beach games include beach bowling, volleyball and tennis.

Miami Free

Tour an art museum

Most of Miami’s museums offer free admission one day a month. If you’re interested in a particular museum, check their website for details of the free admission day. A noteworthy museum is the Bass Museum of Art. It has free entry on the last Sunday of the month, 2-4 pm. The Institute of Contemporary Art is always free and offers guided tours.

Listen to jazz

Jazz is a popular genre of music in Miami. If you love the sound of brass instruments and piano, add this activity to your Miami bucket list. The Museum of Contemporary Art has a free jazz night on the last Friday of every month. You can also find free jazz in downtown Miami at the Olympia Theater. The lobby lounge offers a jazz night on the second Wednesday of the month.

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Stroll around a Farmer’s Market

If you like local and organic products, go to one of Miami’s many farmer’s Markets. The best one is the Coconut Grove Farmers’ Market, which takes place every weekend and offers various products to sample and buy. Try a local vegan ice cream, organically grown fruits and vegetables or walk around to admire the streets with healthy juice.

Miami Farmers Market


Visit the Holocaust Museum

Believe it or not, Miami is the US city with the most Holocaust survivors, making it an excellent memorial museum place. While the topic is sad and very serious, the museum does well to educate and entertain all those that visit.

Watch a movie at the outdoor cinema.

The Soundscape Exostage shows films every Wednesday at 8 pm, for free. They range from Hollywood classics to contemporary blockbusters and feel-good musicals. Get there early to get the best seat.

Listen to music at South Beach.

For the most classic night out in Miami, visit South Beach. While a few bars and clubs are in the area, entrance fees can cost a small fortune. Instead, listen to some great music for free in the Betsy Hotel. They offer free music events on Wednesday and Thursday nights. There is no entry fee or minimum drink charge, so enjoy the magical ambience for free.

Free music can also be found on the streets of Miami and shopping malls, as street performances are popular in this sunny city.

Whether you do all activities or just a few, you will have a great time in the Magic City of Florida. To learn more about this beautiful city and book your flights, click here. 

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