There were many musical events in 2014 that were popular for their unique culture and entertainment.  Catch a music festival streaming across Europe this year that is not to be missed event for music aficionados and adventurers.

The Best Music festivals

Rock I’m Park (Germany). Rock I’m Park is slated for June 6-9 at the Zeppelin Field in historical Nuremberg.  This joyful event will bring people from all over Europe to celebrate rock music.  This music festival is held every summer and is culturally important because the site is where rallies in Europe used to happen in turbulent parts of Europe’s history.

Music festivals around Europe

Sonar Music Festival (Spain). Barcelona will be hosting the Sonar Music Festival from June 12-14.  Expect to see impressive music and lighting technology as this event showcases a technology show in all of the performances.  There will also be a whole-day Lego event and music enhanced skating park with a synthesizer.

Sound Wave Music Festival (Croatia). Sound Wave Croatia will be held on the Croatian coastline featuring a 3-day Music Festivals And a boat party.  The ambiance is that of a beach party, with bars set up to give that beachside party atmosphere. Have a summer vacation and choose camping holidays to coincide with these musical feasts.

WOMAD Music Festival (Britain). The UK won’t be left behind in the music scene.  WOMAD Music Festivals is a musical extravaganza featuring music from worldwide.  People can expect to hear different kinds of music from around the world in WOMAD Chariton Park.

Sziget Music Festival (Hungary). Sziget in Hungary means festival, and this Music Festivals is the biggest in rock and heavy metal music.  It features a train to transport holidaymakers from all over Europe to Budapest to enjoy the week of August 11-18.

Maribor Festival (Slovenia). This music festival that runs from 4 to 14 September features the best orchestras in Slovenia and other parts of the world for a stunning musical event.  The focus is mainly Baroque music, with several music chambers collaborating to produce uniquely vibrant performances.

Ultra Music Festival (United States). The Ultra Music Festival in Miami was held on March 28, 29, and 30. This annual outdoor music festival returns each year to coincide with the Winter Music Conference.  Held in Bayfront Park, downtown Miami, this musical event was a huge success, with tickets sold out before the festival had even begun.

BBC 6 Music Festivals (UK). BBC hosted its music festival featuring 30 performers from all over Europe.  Three stages had the audiences mesmerized with the inspiring lineup of performers that were broadcasted live from February 28 to March 1st and held beside the Victoria Warehouse Hotel in Manchester.

Festival International de Benicassim (Spain). Benicassim is between Valencia and Barcelona and hosts every year an awesome music festival from 17-20 July featuring alternative rock and electronic artists.  Great music begins from 5 pm to dawn.  This music festival is different because you can relax on the beach.  You can relax and enjoy at the campsite provided for those who enjoy camping holidays. 

Other music festivals to watch are the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark, one of the biggest in Europe’s music scene, scheduled from 29 June to 6 July, and in music Croatia Festival, an open-air music festival in Croatia from 23 – 25 June.

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