There are numerous tropical islands spread all over the world. If you are looking for the 5 most exotic islands on the planet, here is a compilation for your reference.  These top beach destinations have become a favourite not only with the rich and famous but also with people who just love the sun and the sea but with a little bit of the extraordinary.

When people think about exotic holidays, they expect paradise far from the trappings of civilisation.  In these islands, you can sit back and enjoy nature in the most beautiful tropical islands.

Exotic Holidays: 5 Most Exotic Tropical Islands on the Planet

The Seychelles. The Seychelles is situated in the eastern coast of Africa. It boasts of perfect beaches and a group of 115 islands to visit.  It offers seclusion you dream about and everything else that makes exotic holidays to die for.  Unfortunately, a vacation in this tropical paradise is on the expensive side but a paradise usually has a price.

The Maldives. Right in the middle of the Indian Ocean can be found the exotic islands of the Maldives.  Out of 1,000 islands, only 200 are inhabited, and only 5 of them are substantially populated.  There are private resorts all over the island, and most of them are on the expensive side.   From November to May, the weather is cool but dry, making it the ideal time to visit these tropical islands.

Bali. These tropical islands have been voted the best in the world and have become a top tourist destination.  The weather stays almost the same throughout the year, which makes exotic holidays in these islands good at any time.  Most everything here is generally affordable with amazingly delicious food priced on the low side.  People are very friendly, and surfing is great all year round.

The Cook Islands. These tropical islands are a bit far from the map and are a group of islands in the South Pacific.  They are not the usual tourist choice but certainly paradise away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  It has few modern amenities and perfect for people who want exotic holidays without the usual tourist trappings.

Curacao. These Dutch-owned exotic islands are located in the Caribbean Sea.  The town’s architecture is Dutch, but all other parts of the island are tropical.  You can enjoy the amazing beaches in the day and party at night.  The weather is constant throughout the year but rains between November and May.

There are so many tropical islands in the world but these 5 exotic islands are among the best.  You can get to your dream islands for exotic holidays with careful search of the most affordable flights, hotels and travel deals.


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