Travelling is one of the most expensive leisure activities and also among the best ways to socialize and meet people of other cultures. There are so many fantastic holiday destinations Where holidaymakers can enjoy around the world. There are a great number of cities worldwide that offer either cheap holidays or luxury holidays, depending on the holidaymaker’s preference. Wherever you wish to go on a holiday. There are cities that offer cheap holidays for holidaymakers who are on a tight budget, and there are also expensive cities that are known for their luxury accommodations that are the perfect haven for those holidaymakers with more money to spend.

Luxury Holidays:  The Top 5 Most Expensive Cities

Although some holidaymakers choose to have cheap luxury holidays, others still want to experience the most extravagant holidays for the superb accommodations they can get from such kinds of holidays. You get to have more special treatment and more convenience when you choose expensive holidays. Below are the top five most expensive cities in the world where spending your holidays can be expensive.

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Oslo, Norway. Oslo is the governmental and economic centre of Norway. Considered a significant centre for maritime trade and maritime industries in Europe, Oslo is home to some of the world’s largest maritime insurance brokers, shipbrokers, and shipping companies. The city is known for its luxury holidays. It is estimated that a one-night stay at a 4-star hotel, dinner, and cocktails for 2, and a quick taxi ride can cost £381.28.

Paris, France. Paris is the most populous and capital city of France. It is among the leading cultural and business centres in the world. The 30 companies included in the Fortune Global 500 are head quartered in Paris. Expensive holidays are typical in Paris. Spending the night away in Paris at a luxury hotel with dinner and cocktails for 2 plus a short taxi accommodation would cost £335.37.

 Zurich, Switzerland. Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich is one of the biggest financial centres worldwide. Most of the development and research centres in Switzerland are situated in Zurich. Luxury holidays in this city are very costly. For just 1 night at an expensive hotel, cocktails for 2, dinner for 2, and a short taxi trip you would pay £343.24.

New York, USA. New York City has the largest population among the cities in the USA. It is frequented by a greater number of foreign visitors compared to other US cities. It is associated with expensive holidays. For just a 1-night hotel stay, cocktails & dinner for 2, and a quick taxi ride you will spend £338.27.

Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm is famous for its buildings, parks, architecture, and abundant clean water. A single night at one of Stockholm’s luxury hotels with a short taxi trip, cocktails for 2, and dinner for 2 would be £342.25.


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