When it comes to nightlife these two cities must be the top of everyone’s list. Las Vegas is known as Sin City and New York as the city that never sleeps. But which is best when it comes to lively entertainment and all-nighters? Read on to which city wins.


Weather Conditions for Optimal Nightlife Fun

Las Vegas was built in the middle of the dessert and the temperature ranges from 4°C in January and 41°C in August. So, its never really too cold to go out. This means the party never has to stop. Its also has a dry heat so you don’t need to worry about sweating all over your ‘going out’ outfit, unless you’re an energetic dancer.

New York has a narrower range of temperatures but it can get below zero. January temperatures can get as low as -4°C and in the height of summer it can reach a humid 30°C. So, in the winter you’ll need to wrap up warm and in August you’re likely to sweat straight throw clothes if you party hard. This doesn’t bode well for your fashion/comfort choices.

Las Vegas Nightlife


Las Vegas has an endless list of clubs along the strip, with most being in a hotel. They are open and raging every night of the week. They explode at the weekend due to the arrival of Californians who fly in for the weekend and people that want a ‘quickie’ wedding. The clubs have strict dress codes, so check what they are online before you go. Each club offers various experiences depending on how much cash you have. You can reserve your table, which comes with your own waitress, you can select drinking package or just pay an entrance fee and pay as you go.

On top of these night clubs Las Vegas can offer Pool Clubs!!!! This means they offer partying night life and day life. One of the biggest and first to start the season is Encore Beach Club at the Wynn hotel. For a laid-back pool party try Venus Pool Club at Caesars Palace, its worth a visit alone just to see the over the top Romanesque décor.

Many great clubs are dotted around New York City. But for the best and most famous clubs head to the Meat Packing District. If you want to be surrounded by models and celebrities take your dancing shoes to Provocateur. If your super foxy and feeling daring try to get into one of the hottest clubs around Le Bain at the Standard, but don’t be disappointed if they don’t let you in, apparently its one of the toughest doors to pass. An alternative club nearby is Cielo, which is smaller but has great live DJs. Unlike the clubs in Las Vegas, NYC is generally a weekend clubbing affair.

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Dinner and a Show

New York City offers every visitor a selection of musicals and plays on Broadway and Off-Broadway. Due to this NYC is perhaps the best place on the planet to see a live stage performances. The un-missable shows are the long standing Wicked, the recently revived Chicago and the new fan favourite Hamilton. Which would you chose? The evening shows are always the best because of the atmosphere brought by the audience. Get yourself some tickets in the morning and have a delicious dinner before heading out for a night of intimacy at the theatre.

Las Vegas takes a different stance on evening entertainment. Instead they offer the big spectacular with performances like the Blue Man Group. They also have concerts from the some of the highest selling artists ever, like Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Lionel Ritchie and Elton John. You cannot see them anywhere else.

New York City Nightlife


When discussing casinos as a form nightlife entertainment its practically non existent.  New York City casinos are nothing to scream and shout about. Let’s be honest if there is one place to go for card games and slot machines its Vegas Baby! Visit as many as you can so that you can experience the interior décor and architectural design of these lavish multi million dollar hotels.


Taking everything into account it seems that for a wild and exciting nightlife, that will be filled with memories Las Vegas is the winner when it comes to best nightlife in comparison to NYC. It caters for everyone, you don’t have to be a celebrity or a rich banker to have fun. The party starts in the clubs at night and finishes in the pool under the heat of the sun. Las Vegas has no idea of time, it is not limited to only opening at the weekend. Vegas Baby 24/7/365!


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