Stay Healthy: How to Avoid the Dreaded Airplane Cold

Staying healthy is the most important thing and this should not change when boarding a plane. Have you ever caught a cold from travelling or something worse? Its not surprising as planes rarely receive a thorough deep clean.

Keep yourself and your family healthy by avoiding the germs that are left behind on the planes. Keep reading to find out how.

Stay Healthy: How to Avoid the Dreaded Airplane Cold, Search4sun

How are planes cleaned?

For the cleanest plane book the first flight of the day. This is because the ‘end of day’ clean is more in depth. Whereas the in-between flight cleaning only includes the toilet, seat pockets being emptied and the floor being vacuumed.  However, its possible that the TV remote control, arm rests, blankets, the seat itself, the overhead compartments and the toilet door handles are never cleaned.

Due to the added time and money to would take for a professional cleaner to complete these tasks, many airlines, but not all, choose not to invest in this service.

Airplane Myth

Many people believe that the use of the air conditioning fan is the reason behind catching a cold, because of the recycled air. But in fact, this is not true! If anything, the moving air helps to keep germs away from you.

Tips on staying healthy

  • Carry antibacterial wipes in your hand luggage and use them to clean tray tables, tv screens, remote controls and arm rests as soon as you sit down. Also, use them to clean your hands after visiting the toilet and before eating.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks because it takes you down the dehydrated path a lot quicker than other drinks. Instead stick with bottled water.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing so as not to restrict blood circulation and protect you from the germs on the seat.
  • Take a decongestant or antihistamine on the day of flying. If you have any health conditions consult with a doctor first.
  • Try to limit the amount that you touch your face. Germs normally enter the body via the mouth, nose and ears.
  • The week before you go on holiday build up your immune system with a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables.

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