Beach Holidays: 5 Fun Free Games to Play on the Beach

It’s not every day that you can spend family holidays at the beach with your little ones; that’s why you want to make the most of your time enjoying the water, sun, and sand castles. However, you need creative ideas for activities to do beyond a few minutes of sand castle amusement. Here is a short list of fun and free things you can do at the beach with your kids.

 Beach Holidays: 5 Fun Free Games to Play on the Beach

  • Scavenger Hunt – Collect rocks, shells, sea glass, sand, and seaweeds. You can set your child down and have her sort shells by type. Put them together in a memory jar or add them as decor to your fish bowl at home. This is a great activity especially for little children to enjoy beach holidays in a free and fun way.
  • Buried Treasure – How about pretending you are pirates hunting for buried treasure? It could be beach glass, shells, trinkets, sand dollars, and treasure left behind by other pirates near the beach sand. You can bury some old jewellery, fun treats, or small toys in a box or jar and create a treasure map for them to follow. Be creative and use rocks or driftwood as landmarks. It can be easy or difficult depending on your child’s age. It is also a great activity for some perfect family Beach holidays.
  • Spelling Race – This activity is perfect for kids that know how to write and read. Have a spell racing game against the surf and spell simple words using the sand as they board. The goal is for them to completely write the word correctly before the tide erases them. Use words related to the beach such as sand, ocean, boat, and fishing among others. For older kids, use advanced words like dolphins, surfboard, coral reefs, or yacht. You can adjust the words, depending on their motor skills and age.
  • Beach Volleyball – This would fit bigger kids. Although the game has a specific set of rules, you can use a less structured rule for more fun beach volleyball with your children. Most beach resorts have areas for beach volleyball. You can modify the rules of the game. The goal is to send the ball over the opponents’ court or for a kid-friendlier goal; they should keep the ball from hitting the ground.
  • Sand Sculpting and sand Castle Making – Kids will surely power down for a while and would settle for a more quiet activity. Thus, consider making sand castles and sand sculpting. There are toys that serve as tools in making sand castles or be resourceful and use empty bottles, twigs, leaves, and other things available at the beach. Sandcastles are fun to do, especially with the whole family.

 More Beach Holidays

Summer is the season when the beaches are teeming with little kids, sand buckets, and families that are enjoying beach holidays. There are lots of ways to make every moment under the sun filled with laughter. Go beyond making sandcastles and explore other fun games and activities to do the next time you are with your loved ones for family holidays.



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