Lindos is so Famous with Holiday Deals

Family holidays to Lindos are a little different than anything you may experience elsewhere on Rhodes. First of all, package holidays to Lindos are like taking a step back in time. These Greek island holidays will be the ones you remember for a lifetime to follow. It’s even better now that you can find some amazing cheap holiday deals to Lindos to share with those you love most.

Lindos is a protected resort. This essentially means that there are no cars, loud noises from driving bass at late night clubs, and none of the development you will find at the more popular resorts in the island. It is, to some degree, frozen in time and will always remain a village that is a lovely sight to see and, for many, a place to fall in love with. Family holidays to Lindos can be a great deal of fun but this resort is ideally suited for romance. This is arguably the most beautiful village on Rhodes. There are photo ops at every turn and the sheer beauty of this small village alone makes it a romantic favorite when it comes to Greek island holidays. The narrow cobbled streets give way to small shops, taverns, and cafes that lend themselves to days long past. You should also take time to visit the acropolis in Lindos for a different type of taste of the past.

Lindos is interesting and unique because there are architectural influences that date back to the Romans, Turks, Italians, and Byzantines. Each culture has left a mark on this city that is undeniable. It is the combination of them all that makes the city nearly irresistible. It is nearly impossible not to fall in love with Lindos during your package holidays to this ancient paradise in a thoroughly modern world.

If you need an occasional modern luxury or can’t resist some excellent shopping opportunities there are regular busses to various other resorts including Rhodes town from Lindos. There are also a few beaches nearby to enjoy you day at the beach and all the water sports you can handle.

There are also a few beaches nearby to enjoy you day at the beach and all the water sports you can handle. The nightlife of in Lindos is surprisingly lively though you will have to go just out of town in order to enjoy some of the discos.

Make your plans today for the most romantic Greek island holidays money can buy. Cheap holiday deals to Lindos are waiting for you and make excellent family holidays for everyone involved or romantic escapes for just the two of you. Check out the great package deals to Lindos available and begin making your plans to get away today.