Traditional Charm Abounds with Holiday Deals to Kalathos

If you are looking for great family holidays that are low stress and low pressure then the charming little resort of Kalathos is an excellent place to begin. Cheap holiday deals to Kalathos are available primarily because it is a little bit off the beaten path. This makes it far less crowded than some of the more famous Rhodes resorts and provides a much more intimate feeling for great package holidays. If you are looking for romantic Greek island holidays or just holidays that get away from the busier resorts so you and your family can simply enjoy being together, holidays to Kalathos are a great idea.

Over time many of the resorts have been overtaken by modern business, high rise hotels and apartments, and the general proliferation of establishments that go along with a strong tourism industry. These things are blessedly absent in the smallish resort of Kalathos. This means that you and your family will experience a much more genuine or authentic experience for your Greek island holidays to Kalathos.

The nightlife for package holidays to Kalathos has a tendency to be fixated around the taverns and cafes that line the beach or are located within the village. If you are looking for something a little more exciting you might want to venture over to Lindos which has a much more active nightlife or venture out to Rhodes Town where the New Town center also has a very popular nightlife crowd. Lindos also provides some excellent shopping opportunities for those who travel to Kalathos in search of cheap holiday deals.

The charm of Kalathos lies in the architecture and overall atmosphere. The village area is quite charming and the beaches are not at all crowded. If you are looking for water sports to enjoy on the beach you might want to travel to Lindos where you can enjoy water skiing and paragliding among other popular water activities.

Water taxis are available to take you to Lindos and there are excursions available at regular intervals to all kinds of great attractions across the island. Be sure to find package holidays to Kalathos that allow you to enjoy as many of the great attractions of the past and the present as possible when you are booking your cheap holiday deals to Kalathos. Family holidays like this are exactly what Greek island holidays should be. Is your family ready?