Family Holidays are the Story of the Day with Deals to Tholos

Family holidays to Tholos lack much of the fanfare that you will find at some of the better known or flashier resorts that are popular locations for Greek island holidays. This resort doesn’t provide wall to wall, or beach to beach as the case may be entertainment for the masses. There aren’t lines of full service luxury hotels and apartments ready to serve your every need and you won’t have to endure massive crowds vying for prime real estate on the beach each morning and afternoon.

What you will find when you book cheap holiday deals to Tholos is a nice quiet resort that is fairly secluded and utterly charming—everything some people look for in package holidays.The beach in Tholos is a mixture of sand and pebble that doesn’t get nearly as crowded as those in some of the better advertised resorts on Rhodes like Rhodes Town, Afandou, or Faliraki. Family holidays to Tholos are great for families that want to enjoy time at the beach but aren’t interested in many of the distractions that go along with holidays in livelier resort. Tholos may be small and laid back by comparison to the other resorts you may consider for your Greek island holidays but it does offer a nice selection of water sports on the beach, restaurants, bars, and even a disco for a somewhat reserved nightlife.

The countryside surrounding Tholos is prime real estate for exploration. Of particular interested to many who book package holidays to Tholos is the village of Theologos. If you want to explore a traditional village that represents Rhodes as a whole, this is the village to check out. It’s only about a mile from Tholos and the scenery makes it a pleasant walk. One of the most popular excursions to take from Tholos is the one to the Valley of the Butterflies. Of course there are many more excursions, tours, and boat trips you can take from Tholos including those to Rhodes Town, Trianda, and Lindos.

No matter how quiet your cheap holiday deals to Tholos may seem, there is still plenty to see and do on this particular trip. Now is a great time to begin making plans for family holidays that won’t cost a fortune and won’t drop you in the middle of huge crowds or a hectic pace. Great Greek island holidays like package holidays to Tholos will not last forever. Book your cheap holiday deals to Tholos today and get ready for an adventure worth waiting for.