Family Holidays to Rhodes – Ixia The Spirit of Ancient Rhodes

Family holidays to Ixia are generally great for the entire family. This modern resort is well developed and located close enough to Rhodes that it is for all intents and purposes and extension of the more famous resort. Cheap holiday deals to Ixia can be found by taking advantage of package holidays that are widely available online. If you happen to be dreaming of Greek island holidays for your family, give Ixia a look and see what this spirited resort that is popular with a wide range of families, groups, and singles has to offer you.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about family holidays to Ixia is that this resort accommodates such a wide range of interests and financial ends of the spectrum. You will find great cheap holiday deals to Ixia that should work with almost any budget. There are stunningly luxurious hotels and apartments that will appeal to those of more substantial means along with plenty of budget friendly lodging and dining opportunities for those who are not quite so fortunate.

Ixia beach is made of shingle but hosts some steady breezes that take a bit of the heat out of the air and provide excellent condition for wind surfing and sailing if these are the types of activities you enjoy on holiday. There are many great opportunities to try new water sports available in Ixia so be sure to check out your options.

The close proximity of Ixia to Rhodes Town makes for some interesting package holidays that allow for the exploration of the rich history of the island of Rhodes as well as some of the more modern nightlife options that are available to those who prefer to dance the night away. Though the nightlife in Ixia is nothing to overlook it simply isn’t quite as lively as the nightlife in Rhodes Town.

In addition there are plenty of bus tours and excursions from Ixia that will give you the opportunity to explore the many fascinating sites found on Rhodes and in the nearby waters. Package holidays to Ixia offer a wide range of appeal. Book your cheap holiday deals to Ixia today and enjoy great family holidays to this little slice of paradise before you know it. Great Greek island holidays do not need to be a dream when it is so inexpensive to turn them into realities.