Cheap Holidays to Lardos – Rhodes

Family holidays to Lardos are an excellent opportunity to soak up some culture that is authentically Greek. Greek island holidays rarely offer this opportunity because the resorts all seem to be a little removed from the day to day living on these stunning Greek islands. Package holidays to Lardos though provide a different story and paint a romantic picture of village life that is well worth the price you’re paying for these cheap holiday deals to Lardos, and a few dollars more.

Lardos is a small village that is located within easy traveling distance of some of the more popular resorts like Lindos of Pefkos. It isn’t terribly far from Rhodes Town though you certainly would need transportation to get there.This village shows signs of Italian influences with some of the architecture but otherwise is an excellent example of Greek village life. Spend your time exploring Lardos or branch our and explore all of Rhodes with bus tours and excursions.

If you are looking for a much slower pace than your day to day life, this may be the perfect spot for you. The nightlife is rather quiet and is focused on the village square where you will find not only a few great (and inexpensive) Greek bars and restaurants to enjoy, but also the great character most people dream of when planning Greek island holidays. Everything you do while on holiday in Lardos will be somewhat modest from the price to the pace and everything in between.

Lardos beach seems to go on for miles. This beach that is made up of coarse sand offers the usual water sports you would expect during your beach holidays and the absence of crowds that often serve to spoil your holiday pleasure. In addition to the main beach there are a few small coves that have beaches of their own. Nearby are the beaches of Glystra, Pefkos, and Lothiarika where you can enjoy a nice day at the beach suitable for family holidays and Prasonissi beach which is popular among wind surfers.

Whether your plans are for family holidays that will knock everyone’s socks off or you want something a little romantic for that special person in your life, package holidays to Lardos make it possible. Don’t spend all your time waiting for cheap holiday deals to Lardos when you can be making plans for Greek island holidays today and living those cheap holidays tomorrow.