Two Resorts for the Price of One With Deals to Rhodes Town

Family holidays to Rhodes Town give you all the benefits of two distinct resorts wrapped up in one complete package. There is the ancient side of Rhodes Town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and New Town that is as modern as the other half of the resort is ancient. What you will find within the confines of Rhodes Town is more than you will get with most Greek island holidays and one well worth writing home about. At the very least you will want to take plenty of photographs because seeing is believing when it comes to package holidays that have so much to offer.

As amazing as it may seem, you can get all of this and so much more when you book your cheap holiday deals to Rhodes Town today.Whether you want to walk the roads of yesterday, bask in the glorious island sun of today, or want to find a completely modern nightlife to call your own, Rhodes Town has something to offer you. Family holidays to this slice of paradise offer the best of the past and the present so be prepared to be awed and amazed from the moment you set foot in Rhodes Town until you’ve said your goodbyes and are heading back home.

In addition to the ancient walled city in Rhodes Town you will also find the Mandriki windmills, the archaeological museum and the aquarium. There is also an acropolis that you might find interesting to explore and other great sights, old and new, to add to your list of things to do.

Many people feel as though the beach is the magnet that draws them to return to Rhodes Town year after year for fabulous Greek island holidays. There are plenty of facilities on the beach that include great shopping opportunities, restaurants, and bars. The nightlife in Rhodes Town though can get quite exciting. However, if you are looking for something a little wilder, consider spending at least one night of your stay in Faliraki.

Cheap holiday deals to Rhodes Town are a great way to see the best of past and present that can be found in one resort on Rhodes. If you love history but want family holidays filled with the creature comforts of the modern world then book your package holidays to Rhodes Town today. Greek island holidays may never be this cheap again so don’t delay and risk missing out on the adventure of a lifetime.