How to stay safe and comfortable whiling travelling

For some people traveling can be a drag but for others who know the ins and outs of travel, it can be truly exciting because they know how to stay safe and comfortable. There is so much to see and do on holiday, like visiting new places and meeting different people, as well as sampling new foods and cultures.

However, before you reach your destination, it makes sense for you to learn how to deal with travel hubs. train and bus stations that will be filled with your fellow travel enthusiasts. The experience can either unnerve you or fill you with exhilaration. Here is some advice that will help you understand how to improve your travel experience.

How to stay safe and comfortable whiling travelling, Search4sun

Keep Your Valuables Safe

First things first, make sure you put your valuables out of arms reach, so that nobody can gain access to them, especially on your way to the airport, at the airport and more importantly on holiday. Pick Pockets and thieves look like ordinary, and are looking for the excited and thoughtless tourist like a lion watches its prey.

Passport, money and important documents are of the highest priority, so keep them in the interior of your day bag, and not exterior pockets or your trouser pockets.  Don’t leave your bag(s) unattended. If you visit a shop, bar or restaurant on holiday or in the airport, don’t leave your bag hanging on the back of the chair out of sight or on the floor. Always keep photocopies of important items in your hotel.

Money should be kept safe

Second, you have to be extra careful about handling and keeping your money. Never flaunt your cash, as some cultures are likely to be poorer than your own. Its like an open invitation to be mugged.

Instead of using international ATMs, it makes more sense for you to exchange your money before reaching your departure point. Also, make sure your wallet and credit cards are stored where no one but you can reach them. It also pays for you to look out for any suspicious activity around you. If you do use an ATM put your money securely in your wallet and then put your wallet in your bag, before walking away from the machine.

How to stay safe and comfortable whiling travelling, Search4sun

Stay Mindful

Third, you need to be aware of yourself and surroundings. Concentrate on your travel and what you want to experience. Don’t become distracted by the people that try to sell you things on the streets or in restaurants. Stay mindful of your property.  The more you plan your trip, the less likely it is that things will go wrong.

Choose a good seat

Having a great seat is the perfect way to start your holiday. Check in online before arriving at the airport and select your seat.  The choices are window, aisle or middle seat.  If you go to the bathroom frequently select the aisle, if your a plane sleeper book the window seat as they sometimes offer more space and head support. If you are a relaxed flyer that could care less where they sat, select the middle seat. That way someone who needs the space or easy access doesn’t get lumbered with the middle seat. Each airline offers different levels of comfort.

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Hand Luggage Tips

Fourth, before you embark on your journey, make sure you pack everything you need to be comfort and safe. Keep your carry-on luggage as light as possible and wear layers so that you can adapt to the changing environments of airport and plane. If possible pack two days of clothes in your carry on, in case your checked luggage is delayed or worse, lost.

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Free Upgrade

Did you know that corner rooms in hotels, are normally a few feet bigger than the others on the corridor. When you book a hotel, ask for a corner room. The additional space and possible extra window will feel like a luxury upgrade.

How to stay safe and comfortable whiling travelling, Search4sun

I hope this advice will help you to be relaxed and feel comfortable for your journey. It is always best to be prepared but you are also on holiday so combine your planned safety and comfort rules with a relaxing glass of cool water, a browse through the duty free shops and then enjoy watching the inflight entertainment.

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