The Dominican Republic is famous for its unique landscapes. Nowhere else in the Caribbean can you find a country with a more exciting landscape. There is so much to the Dominican Republic that you will find your visit here to be truly memorable.

Apart from the lovely beaches, the Dominican Republic also boasts of nice mountains and huge lakes as well as much more. Whatever your interests, you can rest assured that the Dominican Republic will have something to whet your appetite.


Ocean World Adventure Park

If you are looking for an unusual water park, then look no further than the one called Ocean World Adventure Park. Here, you can get up close and friendly with the dolphins and in addition, you will also love the 4-storey aquatic themed casino to be truly exciting.


Sirenis Aquagames

In Punta Cana there is another fun waterpark called the Sirenis Aquagames.  It is about 12,000 sq. meters and has many services and features including a nice pool that is located bang in the centre of the park. There is also a 10-meter high tower with a slide, which has many twists and turns.


Historic buildings

If you are interested in seeing some historically important buildings then make sure you head down to the Zona Colonial which is located in Santo Domingo which also happens to be the capital of the Dominican Republic. Here, you can view the first cathedral in the country as well as a nice monastery and university. In addition, this part of Santo Domingo is also home to many exciting restaurants and is famous for its nightlife.

Dominican Republic

Whale watching

Whale watching is another exciting activity that you can enjoy when you visit Samana which is the place known as the Sanctuary of the Humpback Whales. Here, during the months between December and March, you can view two thousand whales who come here to mate. A typical humpback whale is known to weigh up to forty tons and what makes it so attractive is its ability to perform acrobatic maneuvers when mating with a female. Some of these whales are also known to sing to attract their female counterparts.


Interesting lagoons

When in the Dominican Republic makes sure that you also visit the 3 Eyes National Park which is located in Los Tres Ojos. This is a famous attraction that you really must take in on your trip to the Dominican Republic.

Another lagoon that you will want to check out is the one called Gri Gri Lagoon. Its famous pristine and very clear waters are a great place for you to relax and unwind. You can do that in the company of turtles which inhabit a spring that lies close to the lagoon.

The Catedral Primada de America is the name of the first cathedral to have been built in the Dominican Republic. It was constructed in the beginning of the sixteenth century and is a major attraction.

Exciting music

Music is a popular activity in the Dominican Republic and it features heavily in the locals spare time. In fact, the music of this country is an amalgamation of many different cultures from different parts of the world. In particular, the music is influenced to a large extent by European culture as well as African culture.

Baseball crazy nation

The people of the Dominican Republic go crazy about baseball which is the most popular sport here. Boxing is also a popular sport and the country has produced many renowned boxers as well as world champions. Volleyball and taekwondo are other popular sports in the country. In fact, Gabriel Mercedes actually won a silver medal at the Olympics.

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