Top 5 Destinations To Marry Or Take Your Honeymoon

Weddings and honeymoons are one of the most unforgettable events in a person’s lifetime. It is a day of happiness and love as the couple exchange vows for a lifetime of loyalty and affection for each other with the promise of being able to stay together no matter the odds and challenges to face.

Destinations To Marry Or Take Your Honeymoon

And what better way can you make these events special than to spend it with a few family and friends in a venue that is truly beautiful and awe-inspiring. While most may as well get married in local churches or have a civil wedding, some couples prefer to hold their wedding abroad to have a change of environment that can set the ambience they want to achieve.

Getting married soon? You may want to know about some of the top destinations to go to for your special day.

Honeymoon Destinations

Greece. Greece is a country rich in Classical history and culture. It is considered to be in the list of the top 5 destinations for getting married or spending your honeymoon because of its wonderful islands. Some couples prefer getting married in a beach setting for a romantic touch with the sunset and the soft waves crashing on the shores. If you are into the outdoor beauties then Greece is one of the best places to go to.

Cyprus. Cyprus is a small island located 280 kilometers from Greece. It is also one of the favourite destinations for weddings or a  honeymoon because of its wonderful beach escapade that sets up that romantic feel to your seaside wedding plans.

Maldives. Crystal clear waters, white sand and paradise – a few of the many characteristics of the Maldives that will definitely make your heart cringe for joy at the one of the most important days in your life. With a wide variety of resorts and island hotels to choose from, setting up your wedding abroad is worth the wait. Sharing a kiss on the sandy shores under the pristine skies is a memory worth keeping for a lifetime.

Mauritius. For couples who want a simple wedding ceremony in an exotic yet elegant setting, getting married in Mauritius is one of the best options. Why do most couples prefer beach weddings in Mauritius? Because it is hassle-free and fun. There are no worries about getting sand on your feet because there is where the fun begins. Also a chance to bond with nature while enjoying the beautiful beach sceneries.

Caribbean. The Caribbean Islands are one of the top choices for dream wedding destinations. The Caribbean shores come in a variety of sandy beaches that range from pink sandy shores to beige and white sand beaches, even black sandy beaches. There are a lot of resorts located near the wonderful shores with wedding halls located at strategic points overlooking the very beautiful beach scenery.

Why do most couples prefer getting married in beaches? It’s cost effective and hassle-free. Organizing a wedding or a honeymoon at a dream island destination is like making a fairytale dream come true


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