Travel Safety :5 Dangerous Places around the World

You’re not a true traveller until you have visited every corner of the Earth, and that includes even the most terrifying places you can think of. There is always an inherent amount of risks when you leave home to venture out into foreign lands. Even if you are visiting the safest locations on Earth, it is always advisable that you take necessary travel safety precautionary measures to protect yourself against theft, tourist scams and all other potential dangers you may encounter. More so, if your destination is among the most dangerous locations on Earth, additional travel safety measures should be taken to guarantee that you safely return home. While there are many countries around the world that pose serious threats to tourists, some have managed to make it into the top five listing.

Travel Safety :5 Dangerous Places around the World

 Iraq. Confined within the borders of Iraq are remnants and ruins of the ancient Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian empires. Iraq is an authentic treasure chest of historical ornaments; however, despite its many attractions many tourists shy away from visiting the country in fear of their safety. In fact, these travel worries are greatly warranted. Although the war in the country has officially ended, the danger of assault and abduction in the central areas of the country remains significantly high. A trip to the country can be considered as playing with fire. If you are intent on visiting the country, it is vital that you take all necessary travel safety measures before leaving your homeland.

Haiti. Without a doubt, Haiti is one of the most beautiful islands washed by the Caribbean Sea. However it is also one of the most lawless, underprivileged and most violent countries in the area. Frequent riots, murders and abduction occurred in the country before the enforcement of the UN troops which encouraged social and political stability. Nonetheless, the disorganisation of the police and law enforcement system helps to maintain the country as one of the most dangerous tourist destinations. The country has suffered from severe hurricanes and earthquakes in the past, and famine and lack of shelter may foster riots and crime. If you plan on visiting the country soon make sure that you take all travel safety measures before leaving; holiday insurance is recommended to compensate for any loss you may have on your trip.

Brazil. Brazil is well known for its amazing and heart warming scenery with beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, clear waters and vibrant culture; however, it is also one of the most dangerous places you can visit. The country has recorded a significantly high crime rate with various crimes such as murders, robberies, rapes and kidnapping. Despite the increased economic development over the years, poverty is still dominant forcing citizens to resort to crime as a means of survival. Cities such as Sao Paolo and Rio de Janerio are the country’s arena for robberies and kidnapping. With the country’s weak law enforcement system, it is vital that you exercise all travel safety measures before going to the island.

Somalia. Somalia is bordered by the largest coastline in Africa with stunning features. However, it is one of the most terrifying places on earth. Several criminal activities in the region have made the country a blackout zone for foreigners. Civil wars and territorial wars among warlords seeking to regulate weapon and drug traffic into the country have wrecked the country’s tourism sector. What’s even worse is that it is speculated that the government is also involve in criminal activities. With that said holiday insurance may not be enough if you decide to visit the country.

Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was once the wealthiest country in Africa. The country is home to Zambezi National Park, Victoria Falls, and many other wildlife tourist attractions. However, the lack of a solid political body and struggle with poverty cause the country’s economy to collapse. Outside the national parks, the area is a mind field for foreigners. In addition to crime, disease is also a major problem in the area. All tourists visiting the country are heeded to get various vaccines such as malaria, rabies and typhoid before entering the country.

We advise Travel Safety is necessary. Travellers insisting on visiting the above countries are encouraged taking all travel safety measures before leaving their homeland.we are not advising not to go but asking you to take extra care when you visit these places.

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