Have you ever wondered  what the best of the best top European cities  are to visit, well as search4sun we have compiled some of the top rated places  voted by our customers.

Top 5 European City Breaks

City breaks to the top European cities are one of the best choices to spend your holiday or vacation days. From admiring the beautiful architectural structures, having a taste of the exquisite cuisines each city offers, experiencing certain activities specifically offered in the city, shopping for souvenirs and more, European city breaks are among the list of favourite tourist destinations of all time. Planning a trip to the Europe? What are the best cities to go to?

Paris. A city hailed as the romance capital of the world, Paris boasts of several structural sites like churches, monuments, museums and shopping centres and wonderful sceneries such as famous the Louvre Museum ,Eiffel Tower, , the Arc de Triomphe and the Notre Dame de Paris. Whether it’s sipping your wonderful cup of coffee or taking a bite of the delicious pastries at a French café, spending a day or two at Paris is definitely a worthwhile experience to look forward to.

Florence. Other than just thinking about pasta and tomato sauce, Florence is a city in Italy bursting with creative juices and a place once home to the most artistic men in the history of arts. Being the home to Italian Renaissance, expect the city to be also home to several historic, architectural attractions like the San Miniato al Monte, a church located on top of hill that gives you the best view of the city of Florence. If you happen to plan to visit Florence during the Wine Town, expect getting a taste of the best wine selections in Italy.

Barcelona. The second largest city of Spain, Barcelona, is home to several heritage sites filled with art and architectural pieces hailed from the periods and several art movements like the Art Nouveau. The majestic churches intricately detailed down to its interiors, the uniquely designed casas and museums, the monuments and landmarks of Barcelona’s rich history and culture are a must for the artistic at heart. It is also filled with several parks and scenes and takes a dip at the one of the best beaches in the world located in Barcelona.

 Prague. Have a taste of the national treasure of the Czech Republic which is their local beer, see the Astronomical Clock that has been existing since the 15th century, have a view of the gargoyles of Prague and walk through the medieval statues of the saints and warrens, check out the oddly interesting sandstone and marble gravestones at the Old Jewish cemetery – just a few things to do in Prague should you want to add a little spice to your travel plans. There are lots to do in Prague, you name it, they have it. All types of adventure and travelling destinations are available in one of the most exotic cities of Europe.

 Venice. Gondolas, restaurants, canals – a few of the things that the city of Venice would best be known of. It is also a great travel destination for the romantic at heart with its breath taking pristine sceneries and highly detailed architectural structures. You are sure there are no regrets coming over.


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