For most flights you have to check in and be at the airport 3 hours before your flight departs. This can mean a lot of time hanging around, when all you want to do is board and fly to your destination. Hopefully, you won’t experience delays but if you do, are you ready to entertain yourself? This post me solve the problem of what do to do while you are waiting in the airport.

The first step to preventing boredom is by dividing your waiting time up into 3 or 4 parts. In each part select a different activity. 10 examples are given below. It will also probably help if you visit different parts of the airport.

*Regularly check the departure board to find out your gate number.

 Things to do at the airport

5 Activities To Fill Your Time At The Airport

Write a New York bestseller: Find a free seat and watch the people around you. There whole life is a mystery! Write a story about them by guessing where they are coming from and what they do for a living. Check out the destinations on the departures board and decide where they are going and why.  This could be the making of a new book destined for the top of the New York bestsellers list.

Shop: Say entertained by walking around the duty free section, try the samples and get a free makeover.

Draw: If you’re  a budding artist, sketch the different faces that surround you. Can you see a family excited for their first trip to Disney World or a newly wed couple going on their honeymoon? What about sad people who are returning home after their holiday? Capture the real life moment on paper.

Eat: If you want to start relaxing head to a restaurant for a sit-down meal and try something new. Avoid being hungry on the plane, after all airline food is not known for being delicious.

Read: Start reading now!  If you don’t have a book, visit a store, your airport probably has a few choices. They usually have the most popular books and the must-read classics.  If none of these take your fancy, perhaps a magazine will suit you better.

read a book

5 More Activities To Fill Your Time At The Airport

Choose your next holiday: Select a destination from the departures boards that you have never visited. Visit the book store and have a look through the travel guide or google it.

Watch TV: Most airports have televisions showing the news and others have a bar, which broadcast sporting events. Take a few minutes to watch some TV.

Play games: Race to complete Sudoku’s. Design your own word search.  Play the original ABC game, whereby you choose 5 different categories like male celebrity, food, country, city and film. Work your way through the alphabet to answer each category and after 15 minutes, read through your answers and score. 15 pts = original answer. 10 pts = one person shares your answer. 0 pts = more than one person shares your answer. The winner is the person with the most points.

Surf the Web: Check out our other travel blog posts. You might find ‘Stay Healthy: How to avoid the airplane cold useful.

Exercise: Some airports have a gym, burn some last minute calories before you hit the beach. If your airport doesn’t have one go for a walk and explore.


As a result, of doing these activities the time in the airport should fly by and before you know it, you will be boarding your flight. If you found these activities useful or want to share your own, Tweet us @search4sun.