Innovative Ways to Remember Your Travel Adventures

Remember Your Travel Adventures

Documenting one’s travels can be equally as exciting as the actual travel experience, depending on how creative you are. It is a great way to remember your adventures, and all the beautiful memories associated with your travels can be easily preserved for posterity. By keeping a portfolio of sorts of your various outings, you can share your experience with friends and family, maybe even strangers who share your passion. Nowadays, maybe people write a travel blog documenting their every move. Before this, travellers would keep a travel journal and write in it daily. But what other things can we do to keep the memories alive?


Home-Made Highlight Reel

When travelling, nothing better captures a moment than a photograph. Taking lots of pictures to capture the beautiful places you visited and the people you met is excellent. Even recording a video can be fun. Once you have shot a few videos, why not convert them into an exciting home movie?

Put your images and videos together to create a movie that you can rewatch repeatedly. While this might be a scary project, it can be quickly done on a laptop and will be worth it in the end.

Travel Adventure Document

Many Options Available

There are many more ways to document and remember your travels once you return home. If you are a person who likes to be more extravagant, then you can think of more exciting things than simply posing in front of a landmark and taking a selfie. Fortunately, there are a few unconventional ways to document one’s travels. Here is a brief look at some more exciting ways to do it.

Travel Souvenir

After enjoying an enervating adventure before heading back home, it pays to bring along a few well-chosen souvenirs that will remind you of your experience. A souvenir is a beautiful reminder of the excellent travel memories you and your friends and family have had.

Examples might include a stuffed toy of your favourite animal from the city zoo, an Eiffel tower charm or a photo frame to keep your best photo on your living room mantle piece.

Travel Souvenir Preserve Local Foods

Start by preserving some local foods. Bringing home a treat is a great way to remember a vacation, although it won’t last forever. If you are in Greece, then why not bring back a nice bottle of olive oil that was locally produced? From Belgium, you could think about bringing back some Belgian chocolates and from Japan, why not return home with some green tea and wasabi?

Whatever food caught your fancy take it home to keep the holiday feeling flowing into your kitchen. Please check the customs and border control rules on returning items. It wouldon’t be best if you didn’t get stopped.

Travel Souvenir

Sands of time

Besides bringing back food souvenirs, it also makes sense to bring home another free and easy souvenir. On a visit to a beach, why not grab some sand and bring it home? Putting the sand in a decorative glass bottle is a great way to bring out the best of the sand’s various colours. This is something that many travellers love doing. Every time it catches your eye, your holiday memories will flood.

Travel Souvenir


Don’t forget to don’t back some lovely locally-made handicraft items when in Venice. The Carnival Mask from Venice should remind you of your wonderful time in Venice. Similarly, you may want to buy some hand-painted ceramic bowls made in Morocco and Peru; there is nothing quite as lovely as bringing back some alpaca shawls that are woven by hand. Not only will you lend a hand to local artisans, but these craft items will prove more worthwhile than mass-produced craft items.

Travel Souvenir


Finally, to remember your travels, bring home some postcards. They are very affordable souvenirs that is readily available in practically every destination around the world. Sending postcards to friends and family is a great way to tell them about your adventures. Keeping a few for yourself is also a good idea. Start a postcard scrapbook or try to cover an entire wall with them.

Travel Souvenir

Which method of documenting your adventures did you like best?


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