Using your mobile phone overseas

Making regular use of a mobile phone when on holiday is certain to be quite expensive if travelling to certain areas of the world, and especially for those trips that will take you outside of Europe.

So, prior to departing on the last minute holidays, you might want to look at planning you travelling needs. By being more mindful of the potential costs of receiving and making calls you will be able to avoid any unexpected high bills.

Be aware of using your mobile phone abroad

Here are some of the points to consider in using the mobile phones on the holidays abroad:

Before leaving for the holidays you might want to first check with the phone provider to see what the costs are likely to be when it comes to using the internet, sending text messages, and making calls to friends and family. You might want to check to see if there is a more favorable tariff available for those that are likely to be using the phone aboard for a significant period of time.

If you have a contract with one of the mobile phone companies you will likely find that the free calling minutes aren’t likely to be applicable if you are making the calls from outside the United Kingdom.

A further step to help with limiting the costs of mobile phone use outside the UK is to download any necessary data or information prior to departing for the holidays. If you are considering streaming movies or similar media you will certainly find that this can be very expensive if travelling well outside of the EU countries.

Also, you might want to look at turning off the option for data roaming. With data roaming enabled, a smart phone is designed to automatically connect to the Internet in order to update the software and apps on the device. This could turn out to be quite expensive if a sizeable amount of data is downloaded without your knowledge.

If you are looking for the more cost effective option for gaining access to the Internet, you’ll likely find that a WiFi hotspot is certain to be highly desirable. By visiting a WiFi café or similar area you’ll be able to easily gain access to the wide range of mobile services, like visiting websites, downloading music, and sending e-mail. Also, you might find that many of the hotels and resorts that you may stay in on the cheap holidays are able to offer free WiFi access for the guests.