Just because Valentine’s Day has passed it doesn’t mean you can’t visit a romantic city or have a loving holiday. Check out this list of romantic destinations, so that you can celebrate romance with your partner all year long.

Romantic City Destinations

19 Romantic Cities To Experience Together

First on the list is…

Bath, England: One of the most expensive cities in the country has romance on every corner, with cobbled street, quint local shops and roof pools.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: A hot, sexy non-stop party will surely get the romance started. Dance close together in the intense nightclubs.

Cape Town, South Africa: Relax together in the luxurious spas that Cape Town has to offer and take a sunset cable car to Table Mountain.

Dublin, Ireland: The Irish Capital has plenty of attractions to explore holding hands. Dublin has castles, museums and cathedrals to explore.

Edinburgh, Scotland: A city full of mystery and ghost stories. Walk the street arm in arm as you discover the famous castle and hike Arthurs Seat.

Florence, Italy: Get ready to have the artistic passion in your heart and soul well and truly lit.

Let all your senses go wild in the “Pink City.” This historic city is both regal and rich in beauty.

Kyoto, Japan: Is there a tree prettier than the Cherry Blossom? With adorable tea houses around the city and extravagant grounds, you will be captivated by love at first sight.

Los Angeles, USA: For the couple that wants glamour. Here you can re-enact your favourite scenes set in tinsel town.

Melbourne, Australia: Voted the most romantic city by Australian Traveler Magazine in 2013. You can guarantee that it will not disappoint. It’s perfect for foodie lovers as it has plenty of wonderful restaurants.

Montreal, Canada: Often described as the Paris of North America. The capital of Quebec has parks and cafes galore. The nightlife of the city can cater to the tastes of all couples.

Romantic City Travel

How many have you already visited?

New York City, USA: It has a magnificence city skyline and is romantic due to its many references in iconic romantic comedies. The top of the Empire State Building is simply breath-taking.

Paris, France: “The City of Light” is the purist of all romantic environments. Wherever you are in the city, love will flow through your veins. Have a cheeky smooch under the Eiffel Tower and along the Seine River.

Porto, Portugal: Taste the local tipple and get the giggles on a tour around a Port Wine brewery. Admire the Dom Luís I Bridge from the River Douro.  It was designed by Théophile Seyrig, and he also helped design the Eiffel Tower.

Prague, Czech Republic: The historic charisma of this city is release during the sunset. As darkness falls, the dark alleys come alive, romantic bridges are lit and people seeking enjoyment pave the cobbled streets.

San Diego, USA: A cool and vibrant city with a laid-back feel, perfect to chill out in each other’s company.

San Sebastian, Spain: Romance is achieved easily here with the deluxe sandy beaches and decadent cuisine.

Venice, Italy: Kiss on a gondola as you slowly glide down the famous Venetian canals and under the cute white bridges. Venice gives Paris a run for its money.

Wellington, New Zealand: This capital city offers many outdoor activities ideal for couples looking for romance. Sail a boat from the exquisite harbour or adore the animals in a local sanctuary. And you can take a picnic to the top of the botanical gardens.

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for you to experience a touch of romance with your partner. Explore these cities and get ready to fall in love all over again.