10 Unforgettable and Amazing Honeymoon Destinations

The Bride walks down the aisle; they exchange I-dos, and lastly, they Kiss; the wedding ceremony is over, and the honeymoon is next for the newlyweds. If your wedding day is soon to come, and you haven’t decided where to go, here are the ten best honeymoon destinations.

  • Maldives – Diving, Water Sports, or even just basking in the sun- has them all. This perfect honeymoon destination in the Indian Ocean has crystal-clear waters that are truly unforgettable. Enjoy a spa for couples on your private bungalow built on turquoise blue waters for a honeymoon experience you will surely remember. Check out our prices. CLICK HERE
  • Mauritius – Also situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers a unique mix of Nature, food, and culture. If its pristine beaches aren’t appealing enough, its inland beauties still have many great attractions. Witness the Seven Colours of the Earth at the Chamarell Waterfalls and take a honeymoon picture at Pamplemousse Gardens or even enjoy the nightlife along turquoise-coloured seas at Grand Bay. Check out our prices. CLICK HERE
Honeymoon Destinations
Honeymoon Destinations

More Honeymoon Destinations

Caribbean – If there’s a place famous for its beautiful island scenery, it would be the Caribbean Seas. Featuring 700 islands in the Southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, newlyweds can spend days or months lined up with itineraries in its crystal clear waters and beautiful beach landscapes. A 2nd honeymoon for couples might be needed in this unforgettable destination. Check out our prices. CLICK HERE

Egypt – Rich in History, this transcontinental country in the Northeast of Africa offers exotic sceneries and breathtaking experiences for your honeymoon. See the Sphinx or Pyramids of Giza in real life. Take a 5-Star luxury cruise along the Nile River, visit historical cities Luxor and Edfu, and end your trip with outdoor aquatic activities at the historical Red Sea. Check out our prices. CLICK HERE.

Italy – Located in South Central Europe, it is the love capital of the world. Italy’s centuries-old history has produced a unique and wonderful place perfect for all lovers. It has scenic coasts, world-class cuisine, and enchanting cities filled with many activities for all newlyweds. Visit popular cities like Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, etc. Check out our prices. CLICK HERE.

Australia – Being the world’s smallest continent but the sixth largest country, Australia has a rich biodiversity, which newlyweds can surely enjoy. Sample the finest wines and culinary specialities in Barossa Valley, experience a spectacular culture and ecological beauty in Kakadu National Park, and bask in the sun with scenic views at Sunshine Coast.

Hawaii – If you’re looking for a tropical destination, then Hawaii is the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Have a taste of its famous Luau the traditional way and enjoy the fine sands of its beaches at night on your honeymoon. Experience a one-of-a-kind sunrise at Mount Haleakala, or Kiss in the middle of a sunset on a cruise at the Pacific Ocean.

California – Also facing the Pacific Ocean, California is US’s third largest state. Please tour its famous cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, or even be one with Nature at Yosemite Valley and experience spectacular honeymoon destinations. This sunny place is also a top destination for newlyweds because of its rich culture, lush beaches, and wonderful activities for an unforgettable honeymoon. Check out our prices. CLICK HERE.

Mexico – Bordered by the Pacific Ocean at the South and West, many Hollywood celebrities frequent its most romantic beaches. Try visiting Acapulco bay for a breathtaking view over the beach, a famous honeymoon destination. Also rich in history, its cities are dazzling with Spanish influence in religion and art. Check out our prices. CLICK HERE.

Portugal – Sitting in the Southwest of Europe, Portugal faces the Atlantic Ocean and offers one of the world’s fantastic beach destinations. Newlyweds can enjoy a 2-day cruise at River Duoro and discover historical views while dining and drinking the finest wines on a boat. Golfing at Portugal’s prestigious Golf Courses that face scenic views and pristine blue waters is also a must for this fantastic honeymoon destination. Check out our prices. CLICK HERE.

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