Cheap Holidays Deals to Paris

Paris is likely to be one of the most visited and well known capital cities in the world, and sees an influx of visitors every year arriving from all across the world. A wide range of celebrated and iconic buildings and monuments are scattered throughout the city, while you also have access to culture, art, and museums.

Here are some of the key attractions to experience for those planning the last-minute travel to Paris:


If you are planning to explore the many museums in Paris, you will certainly find that the largest of the museums is found in the Louvre and based in a house that was once a residence for the Royal family in France. A wide range of architectural styles are likely to be experienced when exploring this is very impressive building. Many of the Royal residents added new wings and rooms over the years. On exploring the artwork at the Louvre you find those as recent as the nineteenth century to those that dates back to ancient Egypt. One of the most well known paintings, the Mona Lisa, is based in this museum. Many more attractions are available for those that want to get more involved with the culture that this city offers.

River Seine

For those that would love to include a boat trip on the holidays they will certainly appreciate the many cruises that are arranged on the River Seine. A cruise can be a at many different ports along the river, with one of the most well established located at Pont d’Iena, and is operated by Bateuax Mouches. Many of the cruises are likely to include running commentary to highlight the many historic landmarks and locations, and commentary can be included in a range of different languages. A typical cruise is likely to include views of the Tuileries gardens, the Louvre, and Notre Dame.

City Sights

If you would like to get a full appreciation of what is on offer with the cheap holidays to Paris you will certainly want to visit many of the major monuments that are able to give a bird’s eye view of the city attractions. Whether you are looking to scale the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Couer church, the Montarnasse Tower, or the Arc de Triomphe, you will certainly get a great appreciation of what the city of Paris has to offer. When you are down on street level you are also able to explore many cobbled streets to admire the many historic buildings up close.


Located on the Garonne River, the city of Bordeaux is a sprawling area in the southwest of France. It is a vast port city which is well known for its many cultural offerings including the architecture and museums, as well as the universities, chateaux, and wine yards. If planning on enjoying a last-minute travel to Bordeaux, you will certainly appreciate its many attractions for visitors and also it’s very pleasant climate making this an ideal destination for year round travel.


France is famed for being a welcoming, friendly, and warm country for those that are looking to enjoy last-minute travel in this region of the world. France is known to have a very fast pace and frenetic city life, while in the villages the lifestyle is much more relaxed. With the ability to explore the many vineyards, chateaux, and landscapes, France is certainly able to offer a perfect destination for the holidays.