Top 5 Cheapest Countries That Are Worth a Visit

Travelling is one of the most fun things to do. However, many of us were hindered by travel expenses and fees. Fortunately, there are various cheap holidays destinations around the world that offer inexpensive ways to eat, stay, and enjoy the place and the experience. So whether you are on the prowl for a city with rich culture, a perfect beach setting, or a place with amazing landscapes, there are these places that cost a little, but deliver big. Grab your gear, invite some good friends, and get ready for an awesome adventure. 

Five Places for a Cheap Holidays

  • Philippines – the white sand beach of the Philippines, the Boracay Island, is one of the most visited beaches in Southeast Asia. It offers affordable hotel rates making a huge impact on the country’s tourism. Experience nightlife and various delicacies at a very affordable price. Typically, tourists visit the island during January to May. The round trip fare from Manila to Boracay costs less than £25. Aside from that, tourists can also experience various activities like trekking, mountain climbing, snorkelling, and scuba diving within the island.
  • India – reward yourself with a favourable exchange rate, plenty of free attractions, inexpensive accommodations, and affordable shopping and dining in India. The country is indeed one the cheap holidays destinations for your budget travel. Delhi and Mumbai are two of the world’s most inexpensive cities to spend a holiday in terms of goods, food, and services. Lodgings are cheap, and most of the ruins and temples are free. Moreover, upmarket places are open most of the time.
  • Mexico – affordable flights from the U.S. is one of the key aspects that Mexico has. One can enjoy the luxury for less compare to other cities. Mexico is one of the cheapest countries if you would like to stay in a five-star hotel where the average rate is £60 per night. Travellers are exploring Mexico find the country hugely rewarding.
  • Turkey – is the world’s third most visited country in 2011. It is comprised of part metropolis, part beachfront, and part ancient town. Average hotel prices range from £60-£240 per night. One can also enjoy the proximity of the oldest known ruins in the world.
  • South Korea – From palaces to K-POP, South Korea has more to offer with its whiplash cultural diversity. Hotel rates are down as the place gets more popular because of Psy’s Gangnam Style hit single. You can also see dynasty buildings that were under restoration, but are open for viewing like the Imperial Throne Hall. Coronation ceremonies were usually held there. Learn more about the dynasty by exploring the National Folk Museum of Korea. If you are set for a hike, you can try the Bugaksan Mountain trails that will take you along Seoul’s Fortress Wall. South Korea has indeed more to offer for your cheap holiday stay.

Indeed, backpacking and exploring various places is a fun adventure to do. One can always find cheap holidays destinations, yet can create memorable experiences. Doing a little research will provide you more knowledge on economical ways to spend your holiday without burning cash. See the world without having to dip far into your bank account.

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