A long, vigorous walk in the countryside, hiking is an activity that has gathered huge popularity all around the world. This activity initially gained interest in the 18th century, when people used to perish for a walk in the mountains. Those walking holidays were sought out by the city people to seek respite from the noisy city life. Hiking, which has over time, became more planned, rather than its previous counterpart, which was just a leisurely walk. People now carry this outdoor activity in a more deliberate and systematic way, following hiking trails. Food, water, compass, and a rainproof gear being the essential items; the Mountaineers club has also recommended a list of essentials which include carrying insect repellent, hiking boots, knife, GPS navigation, fire starter, and more.

From these materials, one can understand that a Hiking Holiday is not merely a walk, but also has a hiking trail which requires a little more preparation. Looking for the beautiful nature unpolluted by the fast growing universe is one of the main pleasure reasons for hikers. Peter Potterfield of the National Geographic, who has hiked more than 10,000 miles over six continents in the past decade, has a recommended list of the world’s top mountain ranges for hiking. Below are the top five:

Hiking Holiday :Top 5 mountain ranges to visit for hiking

  1. Kungsledan, Sweden: Abisko mountain station to the Saami village of Nikkaluokta
  2. Grand Canyon hike, Arizona.
  3. Everest base camp trek, Nepal: Lukla to Everest base camp.
  4. Fitz Roy Trek, Patagonia, Argentina: El Chalten to Laguna Torre to Poincenot Camp to Laguna Electrico.
  5. Petra through the back door, Jordan: Dana reserve to Petra.

These five areas topped the list of this world famous hiker. Let us take an inside look in these locations and see what makes them a great destination for a Hiking Holiday.

  • Kungsledan, Sweden is preferable to visit in August and early September for solitude and bug-free hiking. Its legendary trail called the King’s trail crosses Sweden’s highest peak Mt Kebnekaise.
  • Grand Canyon Hike, Arizona is visited by hikers during the months of September-October or April-May. The rim to rim trail offers you a great view of Kaibab limestone at the edge to the Vishnu complex at the stream.
  • Your hiking holiday continues with Everest base camp trek. Nepal can be visited during the pre-monsoon (March or April) and the post monsoon (November) period. Greatest of all mountain journeys, a walk through the Khumbu district lets you view the three highest points on the globe, the Everest, the Lhotse and the Lhotse Sar.
  • Fitz Roy trek, Patagonia, Argentina is best seen during February and March to avoid the crowds and enjoy stable fall weather.
  • Petra through the back door in Jordan has a 50-mile course through the deserts and peaks of the Jordan city visited during October through April.

This concludes the best of the hiking holiday destinations to choose from. Hiking is a really wonderful activity that one should experience at least once in their entire life. Enjoying the God’s gift is an excellent way to ease tension and rejuvenate oneself.

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