The top 5 natural wonders of the world worth a visit

Well, you got some holiday time booked from the office and have a mood to pack your bags and push off for an ideal holiday spot?  Your first act would be to visit some holiday planning website like ours, which would then transport you to either the Pyramids in the Egypt or drop you to the Taj Mahal back in India. Aren’t you bored of seeing the same stuff again and again, in magazines, television, newspapers and many more places? Do you want a natural vibe? Let us check out some places on earth that are a natural creation with a scenic splendour. We list the top 5 natural wonders on earth that best suit your adventure holidays.

Backpacking Holidays: The top 5 natural wonders

 Mount Everest

  • Well we have all been studying this in the geography class since Grade 4, but never thought of this as a great backpacking holidays destination to visit – it is the tallest mountain in the world. Yes, the Mount Everest. The 8848 meters tall rocky geographical structure covered with snow, proudly stands amidst the Himalayan Mountain Range making its place somewhere on the borders of Nepal and China. Named after Sir George Everest, the surveyor – general of India – it is one of the toughest mountains to climb but having been there is an achievement in itself.

Great Barrier Reef

  • If you are fond of colourful scenes, we have the Great Barrier Reef on the second place. It locates itself in the Coral Sea, which is off the coast of Queensland in Australia. Spawning over 900 islands and 2900 individual reefs, the giant reef boasts of its coastal biodiversity. It is the largest reef on earth with the additive of being spotted from the outer space.

Grand Canyon

  • The Grand Canyon in Arizona (USA) bags it place at number three as one of the most remarkable backpacking holidays spots on earth. With an average width of 16km and average depth of 1.6km, the Grand Canyon features are one of the deepest gorges in the world. The Colorado River was carving the canyon over the past 6 million years ago; the wonder also has its holy significance for the Pueblo people in America.

Rocky Mountains

  • Next are the Rocky Mountains in Canada, the Moraine Lake in the Banff National park. With its abundance of natural beauty, the place has been gaining attention of numerous international photographers. It has been tagged as the jewel of the Rockies due to its mirroring effect of the crystalline waters it is filled with. The lake reflects clear pictures of the pine forests, tall mountains, and the clear blue sky.

Canaima National Park

  • The highest waterfalls in the world shouldn’t be missed out as well. Located in the Canaima National Park in Venezuela are the Angel Falls. The water travels 979 meters after falling from the Devil’s mountain, before joining the river.

So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and go on for some backpacking holidays this time. Also, don’t forget to grab your camera before you be there, so that you could capture five of the best panoramic snaps that one could think of.

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