Many couples have a specific dream honeymoon destination where they can celebrate their love and start their marriage in style. But for others it is difficult to choose one because there are so many amazing places to enjoy all around the World. You can take away some of the pressure with this helpful guide listing the 6 best holiday locations for newlyweds.


Relaxing Honeymoon

Planning the perfect wedding can be stressful. After the best day of your life you need a relaxing break before you return to a normal life as husband and wife, wife and wife or husband and husband. Here are 2 perfectly romantic destinations where you can both relax to the max.

Maldives – This picture perfect destination is a true paradise, ideal for a 7-10 day break. Spend your days on the super soft golden sand and in the warm turquoise water. You can live out your desert island fantasy together.

Santorini is a popular Greek island for cruises and loved up couples. This peaceful luxurious island is a great place to start your marriage life. Daily walks, hand in hand, around the island with have you experiencing brilliant white buildings set against the backdrop of the sapphire blue ocean Santorini has cute local shops and donkeys walking throughout the island.

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6 Best Honeymoon Destinations, Search4sun

Adventure Honeymoon

Look for something more than a beautiful beach and a relaxing getaway? Pack your bags and head to Vegas Baby. The fun capital of the USA, is a great adventure for couples. Have fun on the strip, with the Bellagio water show, the Eiffel Tower experience and a Venetian gondola ride. Plus, spellbinding shows, nights of dancing and playing the slots.

The best hotels have fabulous pools, so if the weather heats up you can cool down. Las Vegas has some adventurous and romantic day trips to mix up your honeymoon experience. Head to the oasis of Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and the epic Grand Canyon National Park.

For the ultimate adventure visit New Zealand. You will need a minimum of 2 weeks to travel to the best parts of this wonderful country. The list of activities in New Zelanad is endless, but here are a few examples. Swim with dolphins in Kaikoura, skydive in Taupo, bungee jump in Queenstown and explore the capital city Wellington.

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations, Search4sun

Cultural Honeymoon

Sri Lanka was described as “the best island of its size in the World” by the Italian explorer Marco Polo and he knew his stuff. This South Asian island is home to some extraordinary attractions that date back an amazing 800 years. The history and culture of Sri Lanka has been preserved well and is incredibly interesting. The tropical weather makes it a great honeymoon destination. Examples of some activities you can do are get up close and personal with elephants, visit ancient shrines and explore national parks.

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What guide, list or article about the experience love and romance is complete without mentioning Paris? For pure romance head to the French capital and celebrate your marriage with a glass of champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Also, snuggle together under the stars in Jardins du Trocadéro and stroll arm in arm around the Louvre.

6 Best Honeymoon Destinations, Search4sun