5 Naturist Holiday Destinations where you can bare it all

Are you considering going on a naturist holiday? Whether you yearn to connect with nature in a secluded camping site, or come together with other naturists and bathe in the sun on a clothing-optional beach resort; then look no further as we have compiled a list of the best five naturist holiday destinations for you to choose from.

Top Five Naturist Holiday Destinations

1, Garden of Eden resort, Bocas del Toro, Panama
Just as the name suggests this secluded island clearly resembles Adam and Eve’s paradise. Located on a private island on the Caribbean side of Panama, this resort provides you with a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the Caribbean sun in your barest appearance. The resort is enchanting and private, with a lot of fun activities to keep you in a holiday mood. Whether you wish to lie back on a hammock and soak up the sun or engage in activities such as kayaking. Here you will find it all.

2, Wreck beach, Vancouver, British Columbia
This is the largest clothing-optional beach in whole of North America and Canada’s first. Willing sunbathers, both local and international can bare it all along the expansive 7.8-kilometer coastline. Activities include monthly events, live music, massages on Vendor’s Row, body painting, and beach volleyball. The spot has a steep cliff that keeps away peeping toms. It creates a great environment for a variety of people from families to young naturists.

3,  Camp d’Agde, France
This is by far the best naturist holiday destination It features an enclosed community of naturist resorts and villages complete with amenities such as a bank and post office. Located just a few miles from Montpellier, this destination will definitely have all naturists feeling at home. In the summer months, you can enjoy the great weather on the beach. This destination is wonderfully positioned as you can visit some great seafood restaurants in the nearby city of Sete, visit Paris and the Eifel tower, or head south to Barcelona. Camp d’Agde is definitely a naturist’s dream come true.

4, Samurai Beach Camp Ground, Australia
This camping spot is a welcome alternative for naturists with great love for the outdoors. Located in a national park along the Australian coastline, it is the best expression of the Australian outback with the exception of clothes! This small nudist community is quite personal and compact. To provide you with a close feel of the wild, you will be required to bring your amenities including your own toilet! You can take part in the annual fancy dress theme on New Year’s Eve in the company of other campers among other fun activities.

5, Peniscola, Spain
This is a great naturist holiday destination for singles. It is friendly and most certainly affordable for naturists who are self-conscious or new to the practice. There are fun activities to engage in and the bed and breakfasts are pocket friendly.

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