Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the Safari? How the experience would be heart-stopping and thrilling? If you are looking for a great adventure of a lifetime,come visit any of these safari destinations:

Safari Holidays Destinations

Botswana. Chobe National Park is one of the great safari attractions as it has the maximum concentration of animals in Africa all year round. Honeymoons are best spent here as they have cooler winter month; these are from April to October. They can cuddle with each other while enjoying the scenery.

Another beautiful place to visit is the Okavanga River.  This river gives life to wide variety of birds and mammals. This is only one of its kind destinations as you can view the wildlife on board their conventional canoe.

South Africa. You can spend one of your adventure holidays in Kruger National Park. It prides on their highest diversity of wildlife animals. This includes the big five: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and the Cape buffalo. They are called the big 5 because they are very difficult to hunt and their viciousness when they are spotted and shot.

Another reason to visit this place is due to its comfortable accommodation and the cost is family-friendly. Most of their tour packages include meals and wildlife walk.

Kenya. Kenya is the most popular safari destination because of the incredible resettlement of millions of wildebeest and zebra. This is also the place where you can see indigenous people living with the wild animals as easily and naturally.

Ashnil Aruba Lodge is the first new safari lodge you can see as it lies in the center of Tsavo east. You can choose from a classy tent or a regular room. They even have a lovely pool you can dip on when the weather is too hot for you.


This is the home of the tallest elephants, the endangered black rhino and 91 other kinds of mammals. They are also popular with photographers as it presents real wilderness whenever you turn your nice head.

Namibia is so big that there are places where you can see no roads, trees or even towns. It is just like looking at a lonesome dessert and passing through a captivating place. Another tourist destination is the Namib-Naukluft Park, it has a splendid sea of gently sloping sandbank.

Zambia. This offers a true African experience because there are a lot of different species you can see: 60 different animals and 400 different birds. This is the home of walking safaris as your tour guide would lead you to the deeper part of the bushes, making your way to the abundant plant life and looking at the path with signs of wildlife footprints.

Where to go? Take your pick. Every adventurer has its own safari expectation. Better choose wisely on what you really wanted to explore. Choose the adventure that offers a good value for the money at the same time an experience worth remembering.