When planning scuba diving holidays, it is important to consider the most challenging and interesting scuba diving opportunities available. Shipwreck scuba diving is interesting as it provides the diver with the opportunity to examine shipwrecks at the bottom of the ocean and thus learn the history of the vessel and the sea itself. Shipwreck diving is not challenging in a scuba diving sense only but more so interesting as you feel that you are uncovering a hidden secret. Below are some of the best shipwreck scuba diving hotspots around the world.

 7 Best Shipwreck Scuba Diving Hotspots

1, The Yongala
Claimed to be the world’s greatest shipwreck she sank off the Queensland coast in 1911 killing 122 people. The ship was sunk by a cyclone as she did not have relevant (telegraph facilities) communication equipment to be warned of the incoming bad weather. The wreck is protected under Australian law, and divers are not allowed inside the wreck. The wreck is thought to have the widest variety of sea creatures in the world.
2, The Umbria, Wingate Reef, Sudan
This is a great shipwreck in the Red Sea off the Sudanese coast. It was scuttled in 1940 to avoid capture by the British. Inside the wreck, you can find aircraft bombs, fiat cars among other cargo. The wreck is at 5-35 metres under water. It is interesting enough to provide any diver with enough scenery to keep them coming back. The Umbria is also claimed to be among the world’s shipwreck scuba diving hotspots.
3, Thistlegorm, Red Sea
This was a British Vessel sunk near Sharm El Sheikh in 1941. The ship was carrying British war supplies and was attacked from the air. She is 131 metres long and you can still find remnants of her cargo such as motorbikes inside the hold.
4, Usat Meigs
This is a 131 metre long American transport ship sunk in the first Japanese air raid against Australia in 1942. It sits at 18 metres and is thus a great dive for trained divers. The wreck is home to a large variety of marine life. The wreck is situated in the northern Australian territory. The Australian territory is littered with shipwrecks great for shipwreck scuba diving.
 5, The USS Schurz
This 255 foot German gunship was sunk in 1918 after colliding with the SS Florida at night. It was discovered in the 1980s where divers would take souvenirs from the wreck. These included the crew’s personal effects and weapons in the wreck. It is now illegal to take anything from this wreck but you can still take the opportunity to view the extraordinary reef system formed by this wreck.
 6, U-352
This is a World War 2 German U-boat sunk in 1942 off the North Carolina coast. She was sunk by depth charges launched by the Icarus. She still has her conning tower intact as she sits with a 45 degree list to starboard.
7,The Zenobia, Cyprus
This ferry sunk in 1979 only a few months after it was inaugurated. She was transporting 120 vehicles, which can still be seen at the wreckage. She now lies on her side just off the Larnarka harbour.

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