When visiting Europe, one of the things that is sure to make your trip memorable is the excellent cuisine on offer. Be sure to include plenty of time on your holiday to sample some truly exciting and mouth-watering foods of Europe, along with the beautiful sunsets and other unique cultural experiences. With an open mind and an empty stomach, let’s dive in to 6 European cuisines to try when you visit Europe.

Europe Restaurant Cuisine

Parisian delight

Although Paris is famous for its crepes, keep in mind that all crepes in Paris are not equal. In particular, when in Paris, make sure of sampling the crepes sold at Creperie Josselin. Their crepes are made from buckwheat flour and the nice thing about their crepes are their delightfully crisp edges. In fact, these crepes are filled with egg and ham as well as cheese and onions. Some are filled with smoked salmon while the dessert crepes are made with stuffed vanilla ice cream with sugar and Grand Marnier flambéed on top.

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Florence and its excellent Risotto dish

This is a food that is very delicious and the risotto dish starts with goat cheese and basil as well as some mint. It is topped with some strawberry sauce and is an excellent food that has a unique creamy and tangy taste which is obtained from the goat cheese which is well balanced with herbs. The sweet strawberry sauce makes this one of the best foods in Europe.

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Mouth-watering pizzas in Rome

What is your favourite part of a pizza? The bread, toppings or cheese? Did you know that the first pizzas didn’t have cheese on them. In fact, cheese was not added until 1889. It was created for Queen Margherita, hence the name for the most basic but delicious cheese and tomato pizza.

If you want to taste the best pizza in the world, then head over to Rome where the pizzas served are truly delightful. They may just have mozzarella cheese and arugula as well as cherry tomatoes without tomato sauce but these pizzas are heavenly.

If you have a strong love for pizza, Rome is the perfect place to take a day course in the art of pizza making. That way you can create pizza masterpieces back home and reminisce about you holiday.

Crete and its renowned seafood

The seafood served at Akrogiali in Chnia in Crete is another good example of the excellent foods of Europe. At this restaurant, you not only get a chance to savor a truly delicious food but you do so while enjoying the spectacular scene as the sun goes down over Nea Chora beach. Start with some delicious grilled feta and peppers and then move on to grilled fish which makes for an excellent entrée. Olive oil covers the fish making it wonderfully moist and tasty.

Bulgarian homemade foods

If you are looking for a hearty homemade meal, look no further than Kalinga Guest House in Govedartsi, Bulgaria. Here, you should start your day with a breakfast consisting of toast sandwiches with some Bulgarian sausages and cheese. Try the Mekitsas and homemade yogurt, made from sheep’s milk. Round the dish off with crepes filled with homemade apricot jam. The food in Bulgaria besides being delicious is also cheap and it is hard to restrain yourself from ordering more. But you are holiday, so go on, treat yourself!


Croatian gnocchi, the best in Europe

The gnocchi served in Croatia is probably the best you can find anywhere. It has creamy gorgonzola sauce and dried plums that together make for a very unique yet delightful flavoured dish. Be sure to also try out the fried calamari which is fresh and also very tender.


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