Holiday Deals to St. Paul’s Bay Gives Glimpse into Real Malta

Getting the best of many cheap holiday deals to St. Paul’s Bay gives you and your family the opportunity to get an authentic look at Malta—unlike some of the glossier resorts you read about in travel brochures. St. Paul’s Bay was once a simple fishing village. Over time it has become a popular place for Maltese families to own summer homes though in recent years there has been an increasing number of young families making St. Paul’s Bay their permanent homes. This has allowed the transition from a summer holiday hot spot to a hopping year round resort.

One thing that sets St. Paul’s Bay apart is that the restaurants and bars are suitable for most budgets as well as those that are traveling with families.This makes family holidays to St. Paul’s Bay a great idea—even for families that have limited budgets. You can also find package holidays to St. Paul’s Bay that will include many meals and some entertainment along with the price of lodging and travel expenses. When saving money and budgeting are necessary this really is the only way to travel.

St. Paul’s Bay has not forgotten it’s fishing roots. You will still see a small group of fishing boats lined up day after day and used by those who continue to earn a living as fishermen. This alone lends to the authenticity of travel to St. Paul’s Bay over other popular resorts such as Qawra and Bugibba. Another thing that keeps this community from feeling as though it is wall to wall resorts and tourists is the fact that Maltese homes and shops break up the view so that you aren’t looking out over a steady see of condos, apartments, and hotels.

Here you will find sand in addition to the sea—albeit a small amount of sand but it is there. If you need to feel the sand beneath your feet then this is the Malta you will want to visit. You will also find many great rock beaches for sun bathing and plenty of opportunities for snorkeling and other water sports. Always keep an eye out for exit points before going into the water.Of course there are a few things you can do while recovering from the sunshine during your stay. Be sure that you set aside time to visit St. Paul’s Shipwreck Church and the Wignacourt Tower during your stay. The tower was built in 1609 and stands watch over the bay’s entrance. While the tower itself isn’t much to see, the view from the top is breathtaking.

If you are interested in shopping there isn’t much to enjoy in St. Paul’s Bay but there are regular buses that run to Valletta or Sliema where you can enjoy a good deal of excellent shopping opportunities. Last minute holiday deals to St. Paul’s Bay may save you plenty of green to spend on bus fare and shopping so keep that in mind when looking for cheap holiday deals to St. Paul’s Bay.