Cheap Holiday Deals to Qawra Offer Affordable Luxury

Finding cheap holiday deals to Qawra allows you to get a glimpse into how the other half live. You know those who have a little more disposable cash to spend on lavish accommodations and shop in upscale areas. Qawra is located right next to Bugibba, which is another popular spot for cheap holidays to Malta. These two cities blend almost seamlessly. Almost, because Qawra tends to offer a little more of an upscale atmosphere for those on holiday. Last minute holiday deals to Qawra are great because they allow you to get even deeper discounts on your holiday travel.

Qawra caters to the British holiday crowd and is almost exclusively a resort area. You will find all manner of activities to enjoy along the water, excellent dining, and a few shows and tours to keep you entertained. You will find many of the flavors of home (assuming you are British) in Qawra but very little to offer an authentic glimpse of Malta. If this is your goal you may want to set aside funds for day trips into other nearby locations.

There isn’t much shopping to brag about around Qawra, at least nothing or wide acclaim. What this popular resort does offer for family holidays to Qawra is a chance to really get away from it all and unwind. Package holidays to Qawra make this a more practical undertaking for those on a strict budget and leave you with a clear understanding of the costs involved in your travel well ahead of time. You will get no billing surprises when you book package deals for your travels to Qawra or other exciting holiday hot spots in Malta.

Romance -If you are looking for great romantic breaks, Qawra definitely delivers. There are plenty of isolated little coves on the rocky beaches that are great for enjoying the gorgeous water and a little time together. Of course the luxury of these more upscale accommodations is nothing to ignore either.

Adventure – If you aren’t the type to sit idly in your room or worship the sun’s rays on the rocky shores then you might be interested in swimming, diving from the rocks, scuba diving, or snorkeling in these beautiful waters. Before you dive into the water it is a good idea to strategize about where you will be coming out of the water. Always make sure you can locate good exit points so you aren’t left battling the sea urchins by trying to climb out on the rocks.

Nightlife -If you are looking for a thriving nightlife you are near enough to Bugibba to borrow a bit of their nightlife. Qawra is a little more refined and the nightlife is generally reserved to a few restaurants and clubs that are located within the hotels and resorts.

There are many options available though in both Qawra and Bugibba to enjoy the moonlight as much, if not more, than you enjoy the daylight on your holiday. Book your cheap holiday deals to Qawra today and experience the best of day and night in this fabulous resort for yourself.