Cheap Holidays to Attard

We offer Attard Malta holiday packages that are cheap, but of excellent quality. Attard Malta is one of the Three Villages along with Lija and Balzan, located on the outskirts of Mdina, Malta’s old capital. Many wealthy families built summer residences here in the early years of the 20th century and Attard has become a popular tourist resort for financial executives looking for an alternative to Ibiza and other Spanish resorts. Attard still retains its aristocratic atmosphere and Attard hotels offer a glimpse into village life in Attard. Attard residents seek adventure when they go on holidays such as hiking, biking, or ATV (all-terrain vehicle) excursions around the countryside, sailing trips from Gozo island to Comino, and Attard Malta holiday packages with Attard restaurants which offer excellent Attard cuisine. Attard has a unique charm and Attards enjoy the cosmopolitan flair and scenic Attard views. Camping is popular in Attard as well as many family-owned Attards for rent by families or individuals.

Attard Malta offers cheap holidays, but of great quality. Attard is one of the so-called Three Villages, along with neighboring Lija and Balzan. Attard boasts several recreational areas including Attard Swimming Pool Attard Library Attard Public Park Attard Parish Church Attard Theatre

Many wealthy families built summer residences here in the early years of the 20th century. Attard remains an attractive area to live in year-round, mainly due to its quiet surroundings, picturesque streets, and proximity to most amenities.

Attractively situated within easy reach of all amenities this village has a rustic charm with many fine examples of traditional Maltese architecture which include some pretty little balconies with ornamental ironwork. The population reaches almost 6000 people making it the third-largest town in Malta. Attard is also well known for hosting Malta’s largest horse racing track, Attard Raceway and it annually hosts the Attard Summer season of horse races. Attard has within close proximity to a number of interesting sites including Ta’ Kenuna Tower, Villa Bologna, Palazzo Parisio, and Casa Rocca Piccola among others.