Travel Gift Ideas

In just a few days, it will be Valentine’s Day. It seems to come around quicker and quicker each year. Do you know what you’re buying your partner? Whether or not you celebrate it, here are ideas for travel-related gifts for your loved ones or yourself.


If your partner doesn’t already have a selfie stick, now is the time to get it. A self-stick makes capturing those memorable moments on camera so much easier. You no longer need to stretch your arm to an uncomfortable position or kindly ask a stranger to take your photo. They are ideal for short breaks and travelling expeditions because they fold up and hardly occupy your suitcase.

Romantic Holiday

Buy a travel gift you can both enjoy, like a short break away. Search4Sun has holidays to create lasting memories that leave from various airports around the UK.

Florida America 2

Power cube travel adapter

Unfortunately, there was never a standardised electricity socket for the World. So, when travellers experience the World, their electronic devices must adapt. Buy a power cube travel adapter that contains a plug for the UK, United States, EU and Australia. Be sure to get one that includes plugs and USB connections.

Portable Battery Charger

It is a nightmare when you are exploring a brand-new city, and your phone/camera runs out of battery. A portable charger gives a traveller more freedom when they are on the road as they aren’t looking out for a usable socket. If you feel especially giving, invest in a solar-powered battery charge, they are eco-friendly and can be used anywhere, even on a plane.


If your travel lover needs to keep up with the latest bestseller book list, then a Kindle is perfect. They are small, give good grip and have a battery life of around 25 hours. A Kindle can hold more than 3,000 books, so even in travel downtime, they will be entertained. So, wherever your bookworm is, they can read to their heart’s content.


Day Experience

If a holiday to another country doesn’t take your fancy, buy a short city break in the UK. Add some romance with a touch of history, culture and retail therapy. You will find something great in our Classic City Break Deals section.

City Break to London


The gift of jewellery is always extraordinary. It’s ideal for a traveller that you care about very deeply. It’s also suitable as a ‘bon voyage’ gift if it’s their first travelling experience. But this item of jewellery needs to have a St. Christopher charm. He is the patron saint of travel, and he keeps travellers safe.

Headphone headband

If you’re looking for a unique gift, this is the one for you! The name explains exactly what it is, a headband with built-in headphones. It goes around your head like a thick sweatband and covers your ears. It can block out the surrounding, so this helps encourages sleep while playing music. It is convenient for plane journeys with screaming babies and travellers sleeping in hostels. A bonus is it keeps your head warm.


The best gifts are always the ones that people put thought into. So, decide on this year’s Valentine’s Day gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Search4Sun!

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