Shark diving holidays is one of the most enthralling adventure holidays you can think about. They give you an opportunity to get up-close and have experience with the feared magnificent giants of the sea. Truly speaking, I find it difficult to think of something exhilarating and adventurous like Shark diving.

With their incredible sense of smell and rows of frightening teeth, Sharks are some of the most feared animals on earth. However, spending time with sharks will help you appreciate them as a miracle of evolution and the experience may also change the way you see these incredible creatures.

Discover a wide range of sharks in different Shark diving holidays

The Great white Shark and the Great Hammerhead Shark, the Tiger Shark, the Bull Shark and the Shortfin Shark are among the most popular sharks encountered in Shark diving holidays. Some of the most famous places for adventure holidays that give you an experience of a lifetime of   diving  with sharks include Cocos island Costa Rica; Tiputa Pass, Rangiroa (French Polynesia) ;Tiger Beach, Bahamas; Guadalupe Mexico and Gladden Spit, Belize among others. You can have cheap Shark diving holidays diving with Hammerhead sharks at   Andros, Bahamas; Apo Reef and Pandan Island Philippines; Ari Atoll, Maldives; Berry Island, Bahamas and Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Hammerheads Sharks are known to be very aggressive but do not often seek human prey.

Some Shark diving destinations only have one or two type sharks and these are often the Great White Shark or the Hammerhead shark. However some shark diving holiday destinations may have more than one type of Sharks. For instance, Adventure holidays in Fiji can help you discover over 8 types of sharks including Bull sharks, whitetip Reef Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks, Blacktip Reef sharks and Tiger Sharks among others. South Africa also offers cheap sharp diving holiday.

Important tips about Shark diving holidays

Even though you will be able to see sharks all the year round, seasons when Sharks are particularly active in their feeding patterns are more ideal for cheap Shark diving holidays, and this may vary from one destination to another.

You will always be given a lecture on Shark anatomy and behavior before your Shark diving exercise starts.  Once on the boat, food will be used to lure Sharks closer in a process called baiting. Once the Sharks surround the boat, you will be invited to enter the water using a special diving cage made from galvanised metal which can take up to three people at a time. The cage is designed to withstand bites from the Sharks as you get closer to them.

Those who are not brave enough can view the sharks from special platforms on the boat. Sharks usually feed at the surface which means you will still get some of the actions and photo opportunities.Since cages have breathing tubes attached to the boat, no diving experience is usually required for Shark diving. However because of the risky nature of Shark diving holidays, the crew must be skilled, experienced, dependable and supportive.

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