Festivals and Fiestas in Cyprus are celebrated every year, and there are actually quite a lot of them for you to see to enjoy. The people of Cyprus arranged colourful festivals and fiestas to celebrate life and give gratitude to the wonderful blessings that have come upon them. These festivals also became one of the many reasons why a lot of people love to spend Holidays to Cyprus with their friends, co-workers, and loved ones. If you’re a great traveller, and you want to see a culture that is so abundant with creativity, fun, and happiness be sure to check these below listed festivals and fiestas on your package deals to Cyprus.

Festival and Fiestas in Cyprus You Must See

  • Anthestiria Flower Festival

This beautiful flower festival is celebrated in Cyprus every month of May but was believed to have started in the streets of Paphos in honor of the theatre protector, Dionysus. However, the festival currently changed its route and has become a celebration for the bounty of spring. You’ll surely be left in awe after seeing the parade of floats decorated with various kinds of flowers which symbolises as the beginning of springtime in Cyprus. You certainly shouldn’t miss this festival on your last minute holidays to Cyprus alone or with you loved ones for an experience you will never forget.

  •  Lemesos (Limassol) Festival

Experience the spectacular Limassol Festival somewhere in February or March of the year for more exciting holidays to Cyprus. This festival begins with the parade of the Carnival King, masquerades, feasting and partying all throughout the day. The festival is divided into two parts known as Kreatini (Meat Wee) and Tyrini (Chinese Week) which both showcases minstrels bringing guitars and mandolins to masquerade, and so adorable children wearing party dresses.

  •  Kataklysmos Festival

Another wonderful way to get the best of your chosen package deals to Cyprus is having the chance to witness the superb music, great dancing, and mouth watering foods of Kataklysmos Festival. Cheer and shout your lungs out with the town’s host boating and swimming competitions as well and see how participants and other visitors have fun with the event through splashing each other in the water.

  •  Nicosia International Arts Festival

One of the best months to schedule for holidays to Cyprus is the month of June as it is the time for Nicosia International Arts Festival and celebration. The people of Cyprus obviously love their theatre and art exhibitions, and they made sure that travellers on last minute holidays to Cyprus will be able to witness the celebration as well. Expect to see music, dance, and international-performers worldwide gather to Cyprus with events that particularly happens in Famagusta Gate Cultural Centre. Isn’t it something you definitely will look forward to seeing this holiday’s season?

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