Cheap Holidays to Sweden – Scandinavia

Sweden is able to offer a very varied choice of attractions for the tourist. From the midnight sun, Viking adventures, and crayfish parties, there is certainly something to get involved with when enjoying the cheap holidays to Sweden.

Here are six of the key attractions to be found when visiting Sweden:


If you are planning one of the last minute holidays to Sweden, a destination that you are certain to visit is the capital city of Stockholm. It is a very clean and safe destination with a wide range of attractions for the visitor to experience. Stockholm is literally packed with breathtaking attractions from the nightlife, large city parks, and a range of wonderful museums to explore.


For the train enthusiast, the inland railway of Inlandsbanan is certain to be an ideal destination to explore that shouldn’t be missed. It is able to offer a journey that lasts 1300 km which travels across the Arctic Circle, and includes Kristinehamn in the South and Lappland in the North.


If you are looking for somewhere to relax on your Scandinavian holiday, you will certainly appreciate the many quality choices that are available with the local beaches. In the region of Gotland you are able to access a quality choice of beaches and a very pleasant climate throughout the summer months.

Gota Canal:

If you prefer exploring Sweden on the local waterways, you might want to join a trip that travels along the Gota Canal. An old ship is able to travel from Stockholm to Gothenburg to give a complete appreciation of the many waterways that you are able to explore. A typical trip is likely to access up to 65 locks, three canals, eight lakes, and a river. For those that want a bit of adventure and variety when travelling the country, you will certainly appreciate the qualities on offer with this canal excursion.


If you love to trek through the mountains then you will certainly appreciate the quality hiking trial that can be found at Kunglsleden. Travelling from Abisko to Hemaven, this route is able to last some 500 km and is a highly popular attraction in Sweden. Many cabins and lodgings are available on route, but in the high season these can be extremely full and active.


For those that love to explore the great outdoors, a visit to Bohuslan certain to give the ideal setting with some awe-inspiring scenery to admire. A wide expanse of land is available with this natural setting that stretches from Gothenburg in the South to the Norwegian border in the North.