Cheap Holidays to Norway – Scandinavia

If you are looking to experience stunning scenery on your next Scandinavian holiday, you might want to look at exploring the many qualities that can be found throughout the country of Norway. This is a country that is able to offer a wide range of historical and architectural value which is combined with many diverse cities. With a blend of huge glaciers and awe-inspiring museums, a visit to Norway is certain to offer a perfect destination for those interested in culture and adventure.

Here are some of the quality features to experience with the last minute holidays to Norway –


When you are searching for the most significant tourist attractions on the next break in Norway, you want to make certain that you are able to visit the city of Oslo. Visitors and tourists of this remarkable city are certainly to be delighted with the wide choice of museums and galleries on offer. Some of the more established destinations to visit include the Viking ships museum, Oslo city Museum, Norwegian home front museum, and the Museum of applied arts, the Norwegian folk Museum, and the National Gallery. If you really want to experience the full culture of Norway then you will certainly appreciate the many quality destinations that can be experienced when you are able to tour this remarkable city.

Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim

If you are pushing to explore the structures that date back to the mediaeval times, a visit to the Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim is likely to be highly desirable. As a national shrine the cathedral is a highly desirable location to explore for anyone that is on a Scandinavian holiday, and wishing to see the many historic sites that are available for the visitors and tourists to explore.

Ajostedal Glacier National Park

For those that prefer to engage in the outdoor activities on the cheap holidays to Norway, you might want to look at the National Parks, like the one at Ajostedal Glacier, which is able to offer a perfect destination for walking, skiing, and hiking. It is also able to offer quality scenery with waterfalls and glaciers, and includes a museum for getting a better appreciation of the history of the region.


If you are looking for the right destination in Norway that is able to offer a wide range of tourist attractions and then you are likely to appreciate the qualities that are available when able to explore the region of Tromso. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to experience street music; museums, local bars and restaurants, or cultural activities, there are certainly a wide range of opportunities when able to visit this area.