Cheap Holidays to Paleokastritsa Corfu

Family holidays to Paleokastrista provide the prime setting for amazing family fun—especially if your family loves their day at the beach. To begin with, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to enjoy in Paleokastrista. Even with this in mind, the beaches are not the only reason to make sure that Paleokastrista is on your list of possible destinations for Greek island holidays. In case you weren’t aware, Paleokastrista is considered to be one of, if not, the most scenic resorts in all of Corfu. In fact, it is considered one of the most beautiful spots in all of Greece.

If that isn’t enough to keep your family excited though there are plenty of great sights to see and places to explore. One place that is a must see adventure that you will want to include in package holidays to Paleokastrista is the Theotokos Monastery. You might also find something interesting to check out in Lakones or one of the other small villages nearby that offer more authentic Corfu charm than you will find in any of the major resorts located on the island.

If you want a little bit of variety in your family holidays there are water taxis that will take you from Paleokastrista to Agios Georgios which is located nearby. You can also charter longer boat trips if you simply want to enjoy a day of sun on the beautiful waters. For a little excitement there are plenty of busses that run regularly between Paleokastrista and Corfu Town.

The nightlife in Paleokastrista can be described as quiet. That being said, there are plenty of taverns available as well as a couple of discos to give you a good taste of nightlife.

If you want a more active nighttime crowd you might consider an excursion to Ipsos or Corfu Town for an evening or two during your stay.Some package holidays to the Greek islands will offer accommodations in multiple locations so that you can enjoy a small taste of life throughout Corfu. If you are looking for lovely family holidays that provide all the amenities you expect without the distraction of some of the larger holiday resorts, then Paleokastrista is ideal. You can enjoy cheap holiday deals to Paleokastrista if you begin your search early as well as a few last minute holidays for your entire family.